Twitter 101 on

As a SHOP Consultant, you have some tremendous tools at your disposal that can really help you take your business to the next level. In particular, Social Media offers many avenues to help grow your business, and one of the most effective platforms for this is Twitter.

Twitter is an incredible social media platform that makes it easy to join conversations and connect with people who have similar interests – something that can really help you find new partners. Many Shop Consultants are already utilizing Twitter to successfully grow their business, but I realize that some of you have yet to tap into this incredible tool.

To help you leverage the power of social media to help grow your UnFranchise Business, we’ve created some incredible tutorial videos on We just released our Twitter 101 video, which is a great introduction to Twitter, and explains not only how to set up your account, but why Twitter is important to your business.

I hope you enjoy our Twitter 101 video on CLICK HERE to access this great video, and be sure to share it with your team! Twitter could be exactly what you need to help take your business to the next level, so take advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn!

Keep Growing

-JR Ridinger