October 22nd, 2019

Trinity and Cullen Haskins: Getting Back into the Rhythm of the Business

Team, I’ve recently had some excellent communications with Trinity and Cullen Haskins which I feel can benefit all UFOs. Trinity and Cullen are a part of Andrew Weissman’s weekly accountability calls and have recently resolidified their income with the UnFranchise and reached Director (again) – and I wanted to take a moment to not only highlight and celebrate their dedication and hard work, but to also explain how they did it with the hope that it inspires other UFOs to do the same! 

What I really love about this is Cullen and Trinity were able to leverage the evaluation approach, no-decision close, and trial runs to reinvigorate their UnFranchise and establish a new wave of growth – all by getting back to the fundamentals of UnFranchise success. It’s all about consistency and utilizing the core tenants of our business to achieve lasting success, and I’m so happy to see Cullen and Trinity have experienced this reinvigoration and new inertia with their UnFranchise. 

Cullen and Trinity’s story of resurgence is so important to share because it’s a great example of UFOs who experienced initial success, then as life evolved and family became more and more important, their business essentially slipped into autopilot. It’s not that they were uninvolved, but other things pushed to the forefront. As Cullen explained, they “got out of the rhythm of the business” – and I think that’s a pitfall anyone can be susceptible to – especially when you already have experienced success with the business. 

Like many entrepreneurs, their children are the driving force in their life and were actually the reason they got started in the first place. It’s interesting that many people use their children and busy family life as a reason or excuse not to get involved with the UnFranchise. And that’s understandable. Many people worry about their time, which is already stretched thin in our fast-paced world – but Cullen and Trinity understood the long-term potential in the business and the time and financial freedom it would ultimately afford them. Owning your own business while raising five kids isn’t easy by any means – but Cullen and Trinity made it work!

The UnFranchise provided the Haskins with the time and financial freedom to live the type of lifestyle which allowed them to be there for their kids and actually watch them grow up instead of missing out on the best parts of their life while working in the rat race. That’s what really makes our 2-3-year plan so special and empowering. The UnFranchise allowed Cullen and Trinity to be there for their children, but as time went on and their children grew – they decided it was time to get back into the trenches and spark a new wave of growth with the UnFranchise. With renewed focus and spirit – the Haskins achieved Director again – and I see them as being well on their way to Field Vice President.   

One thing that really makes the Haskins such successful UnFranchise Owners is the fact they excel at cultivating possible customers and business partners. They are masters of leveraging the evaluation approach and use questions and conversation to naturally determine if someone is a good fit for the business. As Cullen puts it: “We go into every appointment with a set of positive outcomes in mind. We have an idea of what we want to achieve but also remain flexible in our conversation. You have to bob and weave – or “dance” as JR says. For us, it’s about determining the path of least resistance to success. You do that by asking questions, being genuine, and building trust. Not everyone will be a customer or business partner – so be flexible and ultimately you’ll find the people who lead to people.” 

I love how the Haskins view our business and the way they ask questions and show genuine interest to build trust and rapport. They understand that success is a process…

“I think most entrepreneurs are waiting on something ultra-impressive to happen like a huge sale or getting a huge commission. In reality, building long term residual income takes time, persistence, and consistency to yield lasting benefits. When you understand and appreciate the compounding effects of recurring sales and result-producing activities – this business will really start to click for you. It takes time to become an overnight success.”

Congratulations to the Haskins!! Cullen and Trinity really get it, and I think their success story is a great inspiration and something all entrepreneurs can relate to… 

I’ve included below some of the communications between myself and the Haskins, along with their thoughts and insights which add value and perspective for the whole thing… 

Great call last night and I went through all of your docs and reviewed your 13th week submissions or updated accountability sheets as well as reviewing the progress of the overall group. You are showing constant personal action. Are others on your team before also doing that? The question is — is that developing into small teams for you and imprinting – or is it too early? It takes 90 days to get this started and tweak (measure, monitor, adjust and control to overcome inertia). Then – what about your people on the team at the seminar– are they getting any patterns going? It’s time to look at it and to measure, monitor, ADJUST and control the result.

It would be good to have a review of Evaluation Approach starts, that got to trial stage or ABC pattern, because it would be helpful to see where in your group (what Legs) the starts have happened. This is not to look over your shoulder or to judge — but to fine tune and look at what happens to optimize the results. In fact, it would be a great idea to take the action plan in the org diagram we did at the beginning after the seminars and compare it to where it is now.

The follow is basically what I went over on the conference call last night. “Haskins phone call points” and it is really the point I want to make to everyone at the end of this 90 days and the beginning of the 2nd semester if they are enrolling… 

90 Day Fast Track to Become a Hopeless success

Over the past 6 months doing these sessions we discovered something The Discovery: ‘Many of the UFO’s from the first 7 years they have made 6 figure incomes for 10 or more years really do not know or remember how they did it or why it happened.’ 

Elizabeth and I and some other leaders went back to the original presentations and trainings from 1993 to 2004.  The “Becoming a “Hopeless Success” part of that title is appropriate because when one does it because they are led to succeed without knowing how or why it happened.  They just experienced it, but in most cases, they do not know how or why it happened. It just happened, even in spite of themselves. Thus – they became a “hopeless success”

It is really the same thing as what I have been referring as IMPRINTING in fowl and the difference between chickens, ducks and geese and the result or benefit of imprinting (as well the pecking order  working for those who do and against those wo don’t) which ultimately  transforms into the efficiency and power of the V binary formation.

We have been teaching and doing the evaluation approach, no decision close and trial run pattern with new UFO’s and those ‘old timers’ that want to be resurrected, be “born again” (‘hatched again?’) or just to do it one more time for fun.  So, we went back to the early years and listened to what we were teaching and doing.  The UFO’s and Distributors nearly double the first 7 years and grew double digits for several years after that into the 2000’s.

We discovered the seemingly lost, obscured or forgotten secrets—”the holy Grail “if the UnFranchise, if you will, of what really made the business work.  And consider that was without myriad of the products, technology, and proven systems that we have today. 

So many people are comically calling them the Dead Sea Scrolls or the ageless teaching and explanations on these audios from when we started the company and built the organization fast:

  • Becoming a Professional 1993
  • The 90-day Fast track and Becoming a Hopeless Success – 1998
  • The original Basic 5 (Dennis and Kevin B in NJ 1993-94)
  • The Method to the Madness – Leadership School 2004 did you get out of them

The question is having you listened to them and what did you get out of them?   Was there anything different that you recognized?  Really—can you tell me something that struck you, or an epiphany or spark (billionth of a volt) that occurred?   

  • Did it say anything that was different that opened your eyes? 
  • Do you see the point I make about the process that is inherent and embedded into the framework of the process described in the tape that is DIFFERENT than what you have been doing?  
  • Can you tell me what it I in your own worlds – even if it is nothing – tell me!
  • Then l will keep trying to get you to see it, experience it and feel it. 

Do you see why it might be the missing piece?

They all focus on this process of forming partnerships to do 3-way calls, evaluation or referral approaches, and trial runs or previews in partnerships or for one’s new people. It is all about partnering with the new person and senior partner to get people to evaluate the concept and then creating and working as teams resulting in:

  People leading to people, 

  Then qualifying those people by

  1. (Consciously choosing the 2 -3 yr. plan over the 45-yr. plan)
  2. Seeing it three times (and why).  
  3. Being enthusiastic, cooperative and coachable
  4. Making a list of the top 10-20 acquaintances who may know the right people.  This will be expanded to 100 with the commitment to do 2 per week for 52 weeks after qualifying.
  5. Doing referral or evaluation approach with YOU and senior partners (top 10-20 list), 
  6. Three-way calls and repeating it with the people who evaluate it
  7. Following through with Trial run which turns into the ABC pattern as a team and participating in the meetings and presentation.
  8. Coming to an GMTSS event to meet other UF0’S

The result of this process is 5-fold:

  1. There is no decision to make – it already worked.  “who is going to sponsor or get credit for these people?  You or me?”
  2. They qualified to be a UFO and are leadingto people.
  3. They have imprinted as Geese the correct way and are in the V formation geese formation.
  4. They know no other way of doing it.
  5. A team is formed and working and having fun!
  6. WIN WIN  happy ending : If these 5 things do not happen; they eliminated themselves and did not qualify or make the team, but in the process we discover a problem they have that a MA product is a solution for and have them try it which results in them becoming a customer.


  • This eliminates ever wasting time or relying on someone who does not qualify.
  • This guarantees that the right person is always lead to eventually.  
  • This process of people leading to people becomes self-perpetuating. 
  • What we set in motion carries in motion. It happens naturally and is fun – like a game.
  • Do not get people in or sign them up that do not lead to people or customers first. 
    •  Why would you ever want anyone who does not or cannot lead to people to sponsor or customers. 

So, we are returning to the esoteric fundamental that make it work.  I actually never stopped but for some reason it got lost, diluted or forgotten

One of the things on the tape that cracks me up is Elizabeth Weber in 1998 on the 90 day Fast track session and studio refers back  to the “Old Days”  that was captured on the 1993 audio of Becoming a Professional  where it talks about the referral or evaluation approach and calling the people on the new qualifying distributor in their kick-off or trial run HBP. 

 She pontificates that “we do not grow as fast or have as good of results as we did in the “old days” because we got their list and BIO’s and did 3 ways and called the people with them.

Elizabeth Weber expanded on the 2 reasons:

1. The best people on top 10 list—They may mess it up and not get them and ruin them—they are really our people and the same as personally sponsored. So, we lose some of the best prospects or possibilities leaving it up to them when they are brand new.

2. Some of those people are successful with big egos and think they know it all—and they may actually blow our new person out

So, after doing this for 90 days you and your people should know the key points or keys that make the difference and cause a different result. THAT IS THE CROSS ROAD OR INTERSECTION WE ARE AT.  IT WILL CHANGE THINGS FOREVER.

You and your leaders can use this as a check list. Everyone should understand these and be able to explain them and most importantly KNOW why they are important and produce a different and successful result. 

These are the things people have to be doing. (YES, there are other important point and activities and tools and things to learn and do—BUT – these things lead to them and make them happen or important.  

Remember what I’ve said from day one:  The difference between success and failure (or mediocrity) is very impartial and very simple: “The one who succeeds simply did what the individual who failed or did not succeed DID NOT DO.”  You have to know what those things are, and I think we have made it abundantly clear. So, one is either doing them or they are not.  This is what gets it going and leads to the other things.  You have to know exactly what those things are in order to do them.  Here they are

  1. You (and if needed some of your people) need to engage a parter or partners to do this with.  If they are making money, at a higher UFO level, or are experienced and confident in the approach It makes a huge difference. Doing the first overviews and booking follow ups to help them with the evaluation approach or setting up the trial run – working in teams makes a big difference! Do you have a partner arranged and committed to doing this with you in the beginning? If not, please let us know.
  • List of 100 possibilities or acquaintances that could evaluate it to see if they know the right people.  We begin with the top 10-20 list and then expand it to 100.
  • If you have been in for a year or more and are making consistent money at a pin level –one needs to be adding 2 POSSIBILIITES a day and 4 prospects a week also to evaluate it
  • Both of these activities will statistically result in showing the plan to 2 per week, in order to qualify them.  That will lead to 4 trial runs and sponsoring 2 that are leading to people over 90 days. 
    •  You either have the list of 100 or you do not.  You either have the possibility list from prospecting or you do not. 
    • It is a litmus paper test. 
    •  One either has the list or they do not and that determines if they are ready or qualifies to do this.  
    • Do you have it?
  • Top 20 list (the top 10 possibilities on the list that you know the best) and making 3-way calls, drop in visits, or call workshops with a senior partner(s). This includes:
    • Design and script the approach.
    • Rehearse it (with family, senior partner, team)
    • Customize it for each individual with a reason that would make sense to them that they may know the right people and that is why you are asking them to evaluate it
    • Perfect and practice the NO DECISION close. Do it together live at meetings. Everyone can chime in. Do it with a partner or team.
  • It is NOT about activating in the 5 steps although that must happen in the process. That is only  an end point from the process and is only in there as part of the 5 steps so we or the new person  can get credit for the volume as we do the trial run and get people in two kegs to lead to people and imprint while we also retail and use the product that is also required in order to qualify.  
    • Remember: We sell through 200 – 400 in the same process and liquidate cost and make some money.  There is a purpose in people not qualifying. It generates customers.
    • But instead of activating and stalling out at the starting line or getting spent and stopping (“Activation Ejaculation”):  we end up getting more than 2 people in that are going to do it with us and in the process and they are leading to people.
    • It the (binomial MPCP) was created to and enables us to sponsor more than 2 people per UFO resulting in faster and higher earnings, more people earning, greater stability or security.
    •  It becomes self-perpetuating and replicating. Do you know why and how to explain it?   You and everyone need to be able to explain it and do it – lead by example. People should sponsor 8 per year.  That process never stops and you are never done because it is like breathing.  We make it work first with someone by imprinting under them and making it work in the trial run. That way there is no decisions and they already qualified and led to people. When everyone is doing this, it explodes.
    • Binary or binomial system eliminates the dilemma of width vs depth and enables us to sponsor more and hit checks faster by everyone putting 4 to 8 over a year in 2 lines. Everyone added is on the same team and not in competition and we are not spread thin. This is the miracle of the plan that was NEVER done before.
    • Trial size marketing can be used as well as a substitute for the evaluation approach and is really the same thing. It multiplies and imprints in the same way.
  • If they are not leading to people and doing a trial run after seeing it 3 times and choosing the 2-3-year plan – they are not really in or qualify. Eliminate wasting time with people who do not qualify or cannot lead to customers and UFO’s who are imprinting and duplicating.  DO YOU GET IT: YES or NO?

Check List

  • Do NOT sign people up until they lead to people and customers as they do not qualify and have not performed to make the team.
    • Do not stop the evaluation approach until 100 is done. That was the agreement (covenant and deal) in the Getting Started guide from the beginning. Did you break the covenant or deal? YES or NO?  
    • Those people approached must be qualified first by choosing the 2-3-year plan and UnFranchise system with RESIDUAL INCOME over the 45-year plan JOB and dead end It is a matter of understanding and consciously choosing residual income.
  • It is a numbers game and a qualifying game like in any other field of endeavour, and we eliminate more people that we take on. 
    • This is just like in College acceptance, making a sports team, auditioning for a Broadway play, hiring a VP of a multi-million-dollar company.
    •   Be relieved when people do not qualify.
    • Go to work and form a team when they do qualify. It comes down to very measurable and doable criterion that one MUST do consistently for a year to make it (even if they got 2 to 8 people in already).


  • You MUST have a partner for at least the first 20 evaluation approaches.
  •  Who is that partner?  Can you name them.  Are they committed? Did they agree?
  • Measure and report weekly: 2 evaluations per week for 52 weeks = 104.
  • Perfect the approach and technique through experiential learning. Tweaking and coaching.
  • As you do it you must form teams and track the ABC pattern. You have been provided a form to track this.  First base is the evaluation approach.  2nd base is getting them to look at a preview, overview, see the plan, HBP, or bring them to a UBP
  • We get good by practicing and DOING IT as a team. If one does not do it, we (you and us) cannot coach them or even do it with them. It is a dead end.
  • We connect the dots by booking follow ups and bring people with us and we do not allow the chain of events of evaluations and trial runs break for 90 days. We ALWAYS GET THE FOLLOW UP, THAT IS A 1ST down.
  • This should turn into at least 2 to 4 strong ABC patterns and Geese formations per target chosen BDC’s and 4 to 8 new GoNows sponsored by those on the team over 90 days.
  • You cannot judge the result on the evaluation approach before doing 10 at a time.  2 out of 8 is expected.  If it is not, we need to figure out what to adjust. It may require recording what happened, calling us from the meeting in the close/follow-up, or a senior partner going with you to the meeting
  • EVERYONE on the team, especially senior partners must continue doing 2 evaluations per week and bringing people to the HBP’s UBP’s and ABC pattern meetings to demonstrate the pattern and to IMPRINT. It is never done. Geese do not stop flying or migrating.
  • By the 2nd year a UFO should be cycling  weekly and we will teach them how to become a master prospector, qualifier and dancer with the conversation and it is impossible not to continue sponsoring even things we have to give the people away or place them where we are working to get people to hit UFO income levels. However, we lead by example and are the greatest Goose imprinter so we are always aware of imprinting and must always do it.
  • Once you have done 20 Evaluations and have the process or pattern going JR will teach you the process of being a master prospector constantly creating possibilities and cultivating the with the conversation and dance into prospects to evaluate it.


That is the essence of “Method to the madness” and is the 90-day Fast track and results in creating Hopeless successes. This is it at this point.   If people do not get this and until they are doing it – there is no purpose in going any further. 

People who do this start to develop a new mind set.  

They are passionate about finding people that want to do it that they can work with and build with using this method and process.  

  • It is fun and gives you a lot a control over what is happening and the result –AND—it will always lead to someone who will succeed and become a Professional Coordinator and beyond in 6 months.
  • No longer do they want to simply “get people in” or sign them up hoping they will do something and make it so that you benefit and end up making money on them from what they build.  That is the wrong thinking.  
  • NOW, it is about finding people who want to do it with you and work together as a team to lead to people and imprinting the process of people leading to people.
  • It is no longer about signing people up that lower your batting average or winning record.
  • It is no longer about getting someone in or registering them or getting their 200-400 BV. It is no longer about Activating and stopping. It is about activating and starting because you get credit for what is developed vertically which used to have to be done horizontally (self-defeating)
  • You must succeed so that others can realize their dreams and that happens buy forgetting about yourself and putting all your focus and effort into their success in 2 legs or organizations… They need your success in order to really believe.  But the paradox and irony is that you become successful and are earning by building with them and getting them to earn and you then automatically earn  SO we do this by finding people we can do the pattern with and the no decision close with the evaluation  approach and IMPRINTING people leading to people.


Let me know how you are doing and what you are experiencing and if you have questions!

Keep Growing



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