June 1st, 2012

Tremendous Progress for Market United Kingdom!

We had another full house meeting at Charing Cross Hotel in London with A, B, and C level UFO’s bringing new prospects and everyone booking follow-ups. This is the way we do it! Combinations, cross-pollinating and duplication are catching on. We’ve got another great event slated for Saturday, where we’ll train our UK leaders.


Don Martin arrived in London this week and has been busy meeting UFO’s and prospects – we’re in full swing here! Keith Doyle had 5 people from two legs at last night’s UBP that we connected with and set plans with.


We have a new rising stars – Tanesha and Gavin Westcarr, who brought in 20 people on A, B, and C levels setting up follow ups and trial runs. Tan reminds me of Elizabeth Weber, T & P Bowling, Dennis Franks, and Rick Hannon. We truly feel the sky’s the limit for Tan and Gavin!


Loren and I, along with La La and Carmelo Anthony, had twelve new people we found from social searching and social media. Carol was the 1st EC from fresh UK volume. I could go on and on, as there is much more – so much excitement in London this week!


Robert Mazzara experienced internet social marketing – we are red hot and rolling, doing exactly what we did when we first started MA and it is working! We’re working hard at the ground level and we are committed to making Market United Kingdom an absolute powerhouse!


Loren and I are booked solid until we leave with B and C level meetings and follow-ups in people’s homes – I love it. Andrew Weissman and Natalia are connecting the dots and building depth with us, while Mezzi’s leg and Noel have all types of people doing trial runs. Yardley Wang and Robert Mazzara are all on board for the ride, bringing in Sephora Cosmetics Pioneer, Chanda Ahuja , who wants to jump on board and make a splash!


Roxy, her mom, and Rocia from the Spanish Dream team had a ton of new people there while Roxy did simultaneous translation – they were all SMILES! We have a special training to work with emerging leaders on Saturday, and I simply can’t wait. There is also a Motives level one training and a Motives business building seminar as well. I love this business and I love showing the plan and following-up. It reminds me so much of the early days of Market America, with a real hands on approach at the grassroots level – that’s the way you build a business! The Britt’s have been so receptive to us and really get it!


If a picture is worth 1000 words, then 30 pictures are worth 30,000 word, so just open the link and take a look at last night’s incredible UBP! We are 60 to 90 days ahead of the curve and the volume is really starting to follow and catch up. Big things are in store for Market United Kingdom!



Keep growing!

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