Tonight’s Zoom Sessions: Three More Chances to Learn and Grow

Team, I can’t wait to speak with you all tonight during my Zoom webinar which starts at 8pm EDT. I love having the opportunity to connect with our UFOs around the world and to share my insights and hopefully inspire you to achieve greatness with your business. Even though we’re still social distancing I feel like we’re closer than ever and connected through these weekly sessions – and I hope you’re getting a lot out of them! Tonight’s Zoom webinar will essentially be Part 2 of my Evaluation Approach webinar from last week, which you can review here…

Be sure to join me tonight for another great session on Zoom! I’ve included the registration info for my webinar below, along with info about two additional sessions tonight with Jim Winkler and Dennis Franks. These sessions represent three new chances to learn and grow so share this with your team and help spread the word! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

Tonight’s Zoom Session Info:

Weekly Training with JR Ridinger

Working Cross Pollination and Combinations through the GMTSS – with Jim Winkler

How to Prepare For an Effective Registration and Sponsorship of a New UFO – with Dennis Franks