May 3rd, 2015

TLS Weight Loss Solution Online Parties Now Available at

At Market America’s 2015 World Conference, Executive Vice President Dennis Franks announced an amazing tool for TLS® Weight Loss Solution business development in the U.S. and Canada — TLS Online Parties. We are proud to bring this incredible new tool to you on the TLS website. With this new tool, you don’t even have to leave your house to join the best weight loss program and support community. Now, you can join a support community that celebrates success and helps hold each other accountable from the comfort of your own home!

With this new, advanced Online Party interactive tool, you can easily set your party’s theme and dates, and choose up to four success stories to feature. You can also customize your personal electronic invitations and share them on your social media sites. All family and friends will receive a 10% discount if they shop through your TLS Weight Loss Solution Online Party site.

You can also invite your Preferred Customers to log into the TLS website and throw their own online party. Similarly, family and friends invited by your Preferred Customers will receive a 10% discount for the party if they shop on your TLS website. At the same time, you can earn BV and retail profit during parties. After the party, you need to provide products equivalent to 15% of product sales to your Preferred Customer as a reward for hosting the party, so they will be more willing to host another TLS Online Party. Visit > Your Account and schedule your TLS Online Party today!


Ready to get started? Create your own success with the TLS Online Party Checklist:



Choose the start date and length for your party. You can choose a 3 day,
5 day or 10 day party length.


Invite your friends to a first-rate health and wellness event where they
will get insider tips on how to lose weight and live the TLS lifestyle!


Create a Facebook group or event for your party. Share your TLS Party invitation with your friends via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or email.


When you host a TLS Party, you’ll earn 15% of show sales in free
product credits and your guests each get a 10% discount on TLS
products and kits. Ask your TLS Coach if he or she has any special
offers to share with your friends at the party.


Spread the word: Your friends can host their very own TLS party.


Share success stories with


To get started, visit right now, go to your account and schedule your TLS Online Party today!


Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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One Response to TLS Weight Loss Solution Online Parties Now Available at

  1. James Tong says:

    Do you have to be a TLS subscriber before being able to throw such party? What if you are a regular UnFranchise Owner?

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