February 12th, 2013

Time for another Incredible MeetON Session!

Monday night’s MeetON session was an incredible experience for us, and gave our Shop Consultants an excellent chance to learn more about our global initiatives. We had the opportunity to discuss our new MPCP Global Unification, and how you’ll be able to easily build your business on a global scale.


If you missed out on this incredible presentation, you’ll have another opportunity to speak with us on Wednesday night on MeetON! That’s right! We’re holding ANOTHER special presentation – exclusively on MeetON.com! The best part is – this presentation is absolutely FREE!


We’re fresh off of an amazing World Conference, and we are ready to build on a global scale! Join me on MeetON.com, on Wednesday night – along with Executive Vice President Joe Bolyard, Executive Director of Field Development Andrew Weissman, and Director of Internet Services and Training, Jeremy Fennema.


This is a great opportunity to have a Q&A session with us, and learn how to develop your UnFranchise business on a global scale and start earning income from around the world! Click here to set a reminder that will alert you before showtime.


This must-see, live broadcast is only on MeetON.com, so don’t miss it!

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