February 11th, 2017

The Why That Changes The World

In this business, belief is everything. In the beginning the only commodity we really had was belief – but after nearly 25 years of nonstop advances and innovations the UnFranchise Business has become the premiere residual income opportunity. With the Shopping Annuity and MPCP UnFranchise Owners have so much working in favor of their business that success is more attainable than ever. But without belief and vision you’ll never get anywhere.

You have to believe in the Shopping Annuity, the Basic 5, the UnFranchise, and all the other tools we give you – but most importantly you have to believe in yourself. Anything you believe you can achieve, and together I know we can achieve anything. It took us years to refine and perfect this business, and over the years we’ve perpetually made it easier to make your dreams a reality with the UnFranchise. It’s so much easier today than it was when we first began the business, and the best part is we’re constantly getting better.

Chasing perfecting may seem like an impossible dream – but it’s my belief that nothing is impossible. Throughout your journey to success you’ll encounter many setbacks and pitfalls but if you truly believe in the power of your WHY there is nothing that can hold you back from your destiny. Remember, dream big because you’ll never be bigger than your dreams. This business isn’t about making money, it’s about changing the world and leveling the playing field for everyone. That’s my WHY. What’s yours?

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



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