June 15th, 2020

The UnFranchise Solution: How Market America Solved Four Recurring Problems Inherent to Most Direct Sales & MLM Businesses

Understanding the origins, manifestation, and reasoning behind the binomial system that drives UnFranchise success is important for unlocking your full potential as an entrepreneur and UFO. Comprehending how the UnFranchise addresses the issues I identified and experienced in traditional Direct Sales & MLM concepts is critical for developing an understanding of what sets us apart and what makes the UnFranchise superior to other business systems. 

To put it in simple terms, the UnFranchise came about as a solution to FOUR RECURRING PROBLEMS inherent with most Direct Sales or MLM businesses:

  1. Focus on one product or a limited number of products. Not having a diverse product selection is a problem, and not only limits what markets you’re involved in but also limits the number of people who would be attracted to the opportunity. SOLUTION: Product Brokerage which leverages the latest trends and data. 
  2. Flawed Marketing or Compensation Plans. Typical Direct Sales or MLM companies have compensation plans which are ill conceived and antiquated, often resulting in a dog eat dog mentality where the negative incentives and antagonistic aspects of the business model make lasting success all but impossible. SOLUTION: We designed the world’s premiere compensation and performance plan in the MPCP.
  3. Unrealistic number of people required to make a full-time income. 2.8 is the industry statistic by the Direct Selling industry as to how many people a participant recruited and was able to keep active in the business for 2 years of more. Most programs ignore this and require 3 or more in a Matrix & 6 to 20 in MLM stairstep break away models. SOLUTION: We developed the binomial system because 2 is the lowest possible multiplier that will pay the highest possible yield on volume, making it the most efficient and lucrative program.
  4. No Standardization or Systemization of required best practices like in franchising. Without systemized best practices, the result is more internal competition where “Top Gun” distributors build followings and ultimately make more money off secondary things like selling information, tapes, audios, or videos than they do off actually selling products. This results in factions, isolationism, and no concept of Team. SOLUTION: The UnFranchise. The perfect blend of the best aspects of franchises with standardized business building resources but without the massive expense of a franchise. We offer systemized success without the overhead.  

I’ll cover these topics in far greater detail this Wednesday night at 8:00pm EDT during my weekly Zoom session, so be sure to tune in. You can CLICK HERE TO REGISETER for this week’s webinar. To help give you a head start, I’ve included a link for the PowerPoint which covers these topics… 


The UnFranchise Business was designed to solve or eliminate various repeating problems I identified & experienced within the Direct Sales & MLM industry. We are the solution for the modern age, and the entrepreneurial evolution of one to one marketing. In a time where so many people are seeking a way to build an ongoing, supplemental income – we have the system and the solution to make lasting success realistically attainable for average people around the world. Join me this Wednesday evening for a special Zoom session to find out how we do it and why we are the SOLUTION!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger  

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