March 23rd, 2020

The UnFranchise: Empowering Home-Based Entrepreneurs Around the Globe

While the world learns to come to terms with concepts like social distancing, this temporary situation could have lasting effects on modern society – especially for those with lost wages and lost jobs. The economic reverberations alone are shaping up to be enormous, making now an utterly critical time to have residual income. 

To me, adversity and obstacles have always represented steppingstones in disguise, and this situation is no different. We have the ability to turn adversity into opportunity right now, because the UnFranchise business was built to overcome these challenges. By leveraging our digital resources and online tools, we empower home-based entrepreneurs and help people thrive even during difficult times. 

During the past few weeks the Market America|SHOP.COM executive team has received an outpouring of praise and thanks from UnFranchise Owners around the world who’ve benefitted from our business, products, & technology – and appreciate the security Plan B provides, especially during this challenging time. I’ll be sharing that feedback in this blog post, and will update it as they roll in. 

I’d like to share with you now a message I received from Sandi Rodriguez, thanking us for everything the UnFranchise business does and for providing economic security this challenging time. Sandi and Steve have been with the company a long time, and their gratefulness means the world to me. I appreciate them so much and their words carry so much weight considering they’ve made it happen while helping others follow on the path to success. We’re all in this together and will succeed together just as we always have! 

If you’ve got a story of your own, feel free to email me with your feedback and input, because I love seeing the impact we’re having together and the positive effects we’re having around the globe by empowering entrepreneurs with a system designed to overcome any obstacle! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger  

Message from Sandi Rodriguez:

Dear JR & Loren, 

I’m compelled to write to you today to humbly thank you. Thank you for providing all of us a business model that truly provides security at such a time as this. As I sadly see many friends that are traditional business owners struggling to stay afloat, our online internet business and product brokerage concept has allowed us to thrive. To be in multimillion/billion-dollar markets, including a market that simply is the most important, health, as the world stops amid this pandemic every person on the planet is realizing their health, and the health of their loved ones is their #1 priority. Our business is so unique. People may see us as the huge billion-dollar company that we’ve become but it’s because of all the people power across this country and the world that make up the company. So, when you support an UnFranchise Owner it’s like supporting a local business owner. We are business owners in our own communities. We just happen to leverage an incredible franchise system.

I’ve been with the company since 1996. Through 9/11, through the 2008 economic downturn in the US, and now through the coronavirus pandemic, our company built on product and powered by people continues to thrive and pay its UnFranchise Owners incredibly well! We provide solutions for people!

I’m so thankful for the security it provides for my family.

I felt compelled to share my gratefulness with you both today as I’m home with my husband Steve, our son Joseph, praying for the safety of all our loved ones which most definitely includes the two of you. Bless you with peace and continued good health to you and your entire family!



Paula Hochman’s Special Message:

JR & Andrew,

Our country is going through some trying times, definitely, but I am so blessed and reminded of that daily, with this company.  It’s true that my business is in a building mode and sometimes that hill I’m climbing feels a bit steep, but then I remind myself that our products keep helping us and more stay healthy and well, that we have the solution and now others are asking to at least evaluate that solution, and that what we are going through right now is making us even stronger. People will be forever changed, and I think will realize they absolutely need a plan b always.

Like my cousin World Cup Soccer star, Rose Lavelle, said in an interview – “Playing on World Cup was never a dream, it was a Plan.” That’s how we all think about MA, and how everyone should think.

I achieved SAMM the end of last week. Still have about eight days left in this quarter, so more will come in. But I achieved!

Thank you,


An Additional Update from Paula Hochman:

Hi JR & Andrew,

I ordered 15 bottles of Snap Disinfectant when it became available again 3/17 (it quickly went on backorder until 3/23). I had sold about 6 of those bottles on 3/4/2020 just by mentioning in a 30-second networking commercial about this product. That was fairly early on in the virus, before some of these items were ever in more than our normal demand. My plan was to place the order and deliver the next week – then everything turned upside down. No biggie, I kept everyone informed, the order increased, and I was blessed with 15 bottles by this morning.

I quickly contacted each PC (in a few hours as you know, Florida goes on a tighter lock down) and delivered 10 bottles today. I will have a letter for the car tomorrow so that if I get stopped, it will show I am on an essential business drive. Normally, I would have company ship to people, but these are heavy liquid bottles, and I see these clients regularly. One big box to me just made sense. (it would be wonderful if there was something available to us in back office to print and carry with us – especially for states that are shut down like ours through April.)

Side note: while making the Snap calls, one client asked me to swing by with a 90-serving OPC-3. Since I always have some on hand, he got that right away.  He is someone I network with regularly, and he told me how important it was for each of us to keep supporting our local small business owners, and he thought of me. All about relationship building, and he being a client for over 10 years.

One of my final deliveries in the morning is to the executive director of one of my non-profits who wanted the Snap, and then she told me it seems the timing is finally right for us to gather people via zoom, so they can learn how to shop through the NPO’s site. That due to all the bad press Amazon has been receiving lately, these friends and colleagues are looking frantically for another way.  I started talking about Marc’s presentation and told her I would share, that she needs to see the heart of our company and hear how much we care. I will keep you all posted.

An evening of zooms starting shortly. Thank you for all you are doing. We will survive and thrive!!!

Love you and our amazing team,


Message from Anita Soler

Thank you both so much. I completely agree with all that you both have said. I did not mirror the frustration back to my customers and told them I’d be glad to help them find what they need. Sorry that the screen shots didn’t come thru. I wish they did because it would show the huge difference between Loren’s search results and mine. 

Her results showed tons of options, but it looks like she may have drilled down into categories first. We know how to do this as UFOs. New potential customers are just typing their search term without choosing a category like homestore>home essentials first. It produces vastly different results.  

Thank you again for responding and always providing the perspectives we need to move forward!


Message from Rosann Conway

Hi JR, 

I wanted to share a great two weeks with you.

I have been “Dancing” with a woman from my networking meeting. She is a health coach and also has a cleaning business. She attended a couple of UBPs and a local seminar.

Last week Jacquline partnered. We booked an appointment to show the plan to a guy she met at CVS. He was on the Zoom UBP Tuesday night when Big Al presented. I booked the follow up Zoom and asked him to invite guests. He had two guests, JACQUELINE had another guest, other teams’ members had guests too. It got the team pumped!!

Now we booked another follow up zoom for Monday and again I invited them to bring their own guests to evaluate the business. 

We have what they need and as scary as this COVID19 is… it’s proven great for opening the eyes of more people. 

Stay safe! 

Message from Elizabeth Weber:

Awesome, JR. I’ve never been busier (well in the beginning I was). Doing presentations nonstop on zoom talking to people call workshops.   Just did some registrations.  Trial runs are going faster than ever.  Hope you and the family are doing well.  Stay safe and healthy.  Love you 

Message from Penny Lafferty: 

Hi JR,

I love all our zoom presentations, especially the ones you and our corporate team do, it makes us feel secure in these rough times. I thank God every day for my internet business.

I have been holding zoom corings, HBPs, Happy hours, Cocktail hours, etc. If I’m involved, I explain what I’m looking for in a partner and I ask that the prospect sees the business at least 3 times. I’m also asking them to tell me why they feel this is for them, what do they see themselves doing, are they coachable, etc.

Brought on 3 partners last week and I have 2 new partners coming on later today. Thank you and our corporate team for always being there for us,


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