February 13th, 2013

The State of Our Unification

Last night, millions of Americans tuned in to watch our President lay out his roadmap for success, with the ultimate goal of “reigniting the true engine of America’s economic growth.” The President and Congress have a difficult task before them, but it is one that I feel we can accomplish if we all work together.


I feel that the best way to reignite our economy is to empower everyone, and provide them with the opportunity for entrepreneurial success. Entrepreneurs have always helped drive the economy, and steered our country to success.


As a company, our State of the Union is stronger than ever – as we are poised for tremendous growth and international expansion in the coming year. For us, it’s really about our Unification – that is, our MPCP Global Unification. We are committed to building this amazing business on a global scale, and know that 2013 will be a landmark year for us.


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