March 5th, 2010

The Sell-Out Dilemma

How do you describe what transpired at the World Conference? It’s difficult to articulate or put into words; you just had to be there. If you were there you know what I mean. If you were not, well…you don’t know what you don’t know. Without a doubt, there were many magic moments created. It was pure high energy, passion and substance and new releases and advances demonstrating that we are leading the parade in online shopping and Internet marketing, and that we have the opportunity of the future.

There is no way to put it in a test tube and say: “there it is.” But undoubtedly, it was a representation that we are on track to change the way people shop and create the economy of the future. Yes, we’re creating an economic ecosystem or sub-economy that will be a model for the future, at the very least, for ourselves and those who join us! So how do you explain everything to those that were not there? That’s the challenge isn’t it? Ultimately, the only real solution is to get them to International Convention. And how do you get new people to understand everything? Well, again, there is nothing that replaces the Convention to do that because it allows new people experience it for themselves. The actual experience results in understanding, belief and confidence about the opportunity and what to do.

~ JR Ridinger

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