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September 25th, 2012

The Secret of Progress


The message below in this email thread come from people who are nuts that rose to the top in our bean jar and are now shaking bean jars themselves…

I want to share something very important with you all because it is the magic that creates success in the business and the genesis of leadership and huge, successful organizations. It is not new. It is actually old—just a new era and history repeating itself with a new generation of entrepreneurs emulating what happened 20 in the beginning of Market America.


Years ago worked with our pioneers in the trenches, streets, homes, coffee shops and hotels – and we are repeating that formula for success here in the United Kingdom. I often say, do not forget where you came from because you might not want to find your way back – and this statement is so apropos in this case. I share this because this is going back to the basic fundamentals of what drives success.


These are the fundamentals of success that never change. The two emails below speak to so many things that may be missing for some of you, or people in your organization. It is simply about filling the funnel (today more with Social media because it is faster and that is where these all came from) and then shaking the bean jar so the nuts rise to the top. Then taking the nuts and transferring them to the next bean jar to shake it in their location, home, and circle of influence so it becomes theirs and then they take ownership and start to duplicate!


We get somebody in not by signing them up but by making it work first through a trial run, and then going with them to see people. We help people make calls to learn how to do it the right way, so their prospects become interested – which helps them ultimately gain confidence.


The Trial run turns into the ABC pattern and we build UBP’s and NMTSS meetings it by getting everyone to go to the meeting – but by going out into the towns and homes at a grassroots level, and building the business and selling tickets, we are bringing them all together.


The old axiom states that you must succeed that others can realize their dreams, and in so doing your wildest dreams come true in the process! That means I succeed by focusing on the success of others and helping make it work for them so that we all become hopelessly successful. And by getting them to earn checks and to duplicate this –I automatically succeed and my wildest dreams become my reality.


I do not do it for them and I do not expect them to do it all themselves. I do it with them and we make it work together, by helping teach and empower them. We light the fire in the basement to burn the house down – and it is always about getting into more homes and locations with them and the team to meet new people. We light lots of little fires and bring the team to help follow up and light more until there is a forest fire raging out of control!


It isn’t built by simply inviting people to UBP or big hotel meetings. It is built by taking it to the people and then going to their people and then bringing all of that action back to the UBP or Seminar. That said, many of you have it backwards! We never do a meeting without booking a follow up with them – NEVER!



The use of digital tools and presentations makes it possible for everyone to start showing the plan. The use of little videos and audios and links allows us to reach and open the eyes of more people and to empower them to do the same quickly without me. The use of Facebook groups like Jim Winkler has taught us turns everything into a team effort and creates awareness and confidence and engages the team to support each other and work combinations!


I bring this to you because this is what makes it happen – it is a process and incredible experience unfolding right now. When that group I had on stage got back to the UK—we reconnected and got down in the trenches with them and relit little fires in the bottom level. We had a coring on strategy, and did a ton of one on ones and follow ups.


Jim Winkler held an amazing Call Workshop and everyone worked hard and duplicated success! And the best part is we booked meetings for everyone at the bottom level in their locations – this is the way you do it! Jim and these remarkable leaders set up the Facebook group for their team, and now it is exploding!


Then there is the magic fast the fast start kits and online remote sign up and waiting room! If I have the people in trial runs and people need product, the volume needs to be placed so everyone needs to sign up if they want to capture the volume –so I leverage it and they pop a check instantly and hit pin levels creating instant success and credibility. It is a simple matter of connecting the dots and using the fast start kits!


There is too much happening even to tell it all! The pictures included with this article are priceless in my mind. See the description in Tan’s email. This is the magic!  SO I ask you this? What is difference between what we are doing and you are doing? Did you learn anything? What can you do differently to capture the magic?


Leave me a comment and let me know!

Keep growing!

I believe in You,

JR Ridinger


Here’s Tan’s amazing message!


Hi JR,

Just wanted to give you a quick update as so much is happening so fast. Everyone is energized and making it happen.

Since you and Loren went back, Jim has come in and we are getting so much guidance as to how to run the business successfully. He and Lisa are amazing. Below is just a personal progress of our team so far.

We started our Facebook group called UK Superstars for everyone in our organisation – the energy there is really great and everyone is connecting and sharing.

Monday evenings call workshop was great we booked so many appointments.

Tuesday was my bday so we kind of chilled for the day (though I sneakily booked another appointment with one of my friends to show the products)

Wednesday we were back on it with a follow up meeting at your apartment with Jim and all our groups prospects came out. The whole group are really embracing the business and making it their own.

Thursday coring was so instrumental, each time I attend an event I learn something different. Three people from our team showed parts of the plan at the coring, Gav started the presentation, Jeyda did a bit on products and Amy Lei ended showing Step 3 of the 5 steps to becoming an Unfranchise owner.

Friday Gavin and I showed the plan 3 times in different locations. First Gav to a personal trainer in the City. Second Gav to Len (network marketer from Kent) in Starbucks coffee shop – he will be sending loads of people to us – we may also schedule a UBP in his home in Kent – awaiting dates. Third I showed the plan to Viv in a Japanese restaurant (makeup artist we met with you and Loren) new baby, need money lol. She was so keen to meet that she brought her baby along though she could not find a baby sitter. (I attached a picture) We booked follow ups with all these people and they will be at the UBP on Tues to see the plan again.

Today I meet with Sorelda to support her at her Motives event at a salon in London

Tomorrow afternoon we do another Motives party with Sorelda at her lady’s location and then in the evening Gav and I do a presentation for the three 15year olds and their parents.

I won’t write anymore because I could cover every day, there are loads of follow ups booked solid for the next couple weeks at least. With 2 personally sponsored signing on early next week. Our whole group is taking action, setting meetings/events and expanding their sponsorship, Sev and Jeyda and Raquael – have groups and are building, Amy Lei is new and learning fast my other leg Christelle, Thea, Sorelda, Carol are also building fast and smart through sponsorship and parties.

I hope you both are well and I look forward to seeing you soon.


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