April 28th, 2020

The Power of Responsive BV Products

Have you heard about Responsive BV?  Look at the amazing responsive products Market America is sourcing and providing which are in extremely high demand. These are the type of products people want and use every day…

I have a curious question and food for thought for YOU….

BV is usually reserved for products that are retailed and over 75% BV to drive the BV and MPCP to earn checks and make retail profit. That is usually the case except for SABV products that were created with no retail but competitive and save money with 50% + IBV to make it easier for small families or single UFO’s to hit the BV SAMM of 500BV per month—right- remember? (The 500 BV part of the SA is common sense and also leverages the MPCP requiring ¼ the people to hit checks or max out a BDC on BV.)  

But 100 IBV worth of SABV can also be used to qualify for the IBV 10-20-30 accrual and activity requirement or for the SAMM quarterly 300IBV threshold. IBV is normally internet volume or products from partners or for affiliates or special NON-RETAILED (for consumption) products. A choice of cash back for customers or higher IBV comes with these products.  

Many special nonretail products are offered to boost IBV (gift cards, Rastelli, Zoom, IC rooms/tickets, travel, Super IBV and SABV). Generally, these are not retail products and the cost is very competitive or saves money.  A UFO benefits from customers and UFO teams ordering these products in the IBV accumulation and checks or the SAMM program and free shipping.

Super IBV are other name brands or white label products with the same ingredients of big brands that have a low price with higher IBV. It was created to make it easier to reach the SAMM 300 IBV without having to search or find them or deal with shipping cost problems. They carry much higher IBV than regular partner or Affiliate products on Shop.com

The goal is to make it easy (easier) to convert spending into earning by transferring spending of what one already spends to the Super IBV, SABV, or special offers. The goal is to hit SAMM and earn IBV checks – RIGHT???

Responsive BV products are new products provided to fill need during these challenging times when the demand is so high it causes backorders or goes out of stock. Super IBV products are other name brand products other brands and ‘white label’ products with the same ingredients of big brands that have a low price with higher IBV.

The goal is to make it a NO-BRAINER to order $1000 a quarter in products you already spend on every 3 months to get 300 IBV to (eventually) 600IBV. That means there needs to be enough products at a higher IBV (25% to 60% IBV costing equal or lower) and free or included shipping. They have to be easy to find (In your face and click and order) and they have to be used up in 1 to 3 months so there is no stockpiling.


If that were true, then the goal becomes build the business with Evaluation technique- trial runs with a team and earn BV checks first (requires ¼ people with SA – 500BV) and as one accumulated BV and BV checks they start accumulating IBV by doing this and hitting SAMM and get others to do the same. That results in earning IBV checks realistically and more quickly.    

Actually, with 4 – 8 SAMMS = a $300 check per quarter and 126 in a group cycles multiple $1500 IBV cycles per quarter and more than 1 per month! That is around Supervising Coordinator to National Supervising Coordinator level. The sole goal and purpose of IBV is to  provide anything UFOs or customers want and buy AND to earn a 2nd check for IBV on top of the BV check on the SAME people, UFO organization and customer base without having to build more legs and to eventually max out at $3600/ week or $187,000 per year per BDC in BV and IBV in MPCP. 

So, that being said: 

Would you prefer Responsive Products or new releases that are not for retail but priced to save money?… (you can allow customers to get them for the IBV) become or listed and offered as:

  • SABV/IBV products (like SA toothpaste or wipes but without the SA branding)
  • SUPER IBV or IBV (no retail, another brands label or white label with savings and higher IBV)
  • BV products?  (For retail with mark up and completive price and BV (usually over 70%)

Leave me a comment and let me know and if you want you can state why.

Stay safe, healthy and motivated.



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