The Power of Listening

While there are a number of different tools that can help us once we get that initial appointment booked, I consider the audio file an important tool for getting us to that point.  We can’t run before we learn to walk, can we? The same process hold’s true when prospecting and recruiting. We can’t prospect if we aren’t programmed for success, can we?

As an entrepreneur, I use my mp3 player a lot during the day. The more you train yourself and listen over and over to the content that you’re wanting to learn, eventually – it will stick. Think about your favorite song you’ve heard on the radio. Somehow you know the lyrics, but never looked them up. That is because your brain is being programmed each time you hear that song to the point that you can recite it verbatim (and the song may not even be playing).

Sure, many of you will say “I don’t have time to listen to an audio file.” You listen to the radio or your favorite song, right?  The good thing about mp3’s is that they are portable. It is also important to remember that you are programming yourself for success, so it may mean getting out of your routine that you’re stuck in so that you can propel yourself even further.  One other great thing is that with an mp3 player, you can essentially put a lot of your favorite tracks onto your device and take it with you…anywhere. So instead of listening to your favorite song over and over, switch it up with an audio file.