July 17th, 2018

The Positive Impact of Protecting the Business from Unauthorized Sales

One thing I’ve always loved about our company and in particular the executive team is the close sense of family and teamwork we all share. Our entire corporate team is committed to making the UnFranchise the most dynamic and successful entrepreneurial opportunity in the world, and part of that mission involves protecting the business we’ve built. Our legal and compliance teams, spearheaded by Loren and Marc, have done an incredible job in removing unauthorized sales of Market America branded products from third party sites – and the positive results are undeniable.

UFOs have seen customers return as a direct result of these compliance actions, and I’m so happy to see the positive impact that’s reverberating throughout the field. I’ve included below a great update that Loren and I received last week from and UnFranchise Owner who’s seen the positive results of our efforts to protect the business and with it the hopes and dreams of our UnFranchise family. I’ve included her message below because it really feels good to see our efforts make a big difference for her team!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



THANK YOU!!! Isotonix Order Confirmation

Hi Loren,

I just wanted to THANK YOU for spearheading and ending the unauthorized sellers! 

I have just received this email for the sale of product from one of the customers I hadn’t seen in a long, long time who’s come back to my site to reorder!!!!! 🙌😊👏😂❤

Although this is just one reorder, this will be a HUGE impact, especially for our very small team. It will be another turning point for our small team to gain some momentum to grow. 

I just wanted you to know your tireless efforts and persistence through the years to make things better for the average person does not go unnoticed, and you do know about the “struggle being real!” 

I look forward to finding a way to seeing and hearing you again at MAIC2018 because these conventions also make a difference!

Thank you for your genuine hearts! Thank you for your inspiration! Thank you for paving the way for us to succeed!!! 

Best regards,



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