The New and Improved Nutri-Physical Launches in Canada

Navigating the health maintenance landscape can be a daunting task, especially since new research, new products, and new approaches continuously manifest. Fortunately for everyone, we’ve developed a brand-new Nutri-Physical from the ground up with the goal of delivering an effective, adaptive, personalized solution for your health maintenance & supplementation needs. Our new & improved Nutri-Physical delivers an unparalleled, personalized supplementation solution backed by cutting edge science. The new Nutri-Physical not only has an updated look and feel, but everything under the hood was also rebuilt and updated as well.

I’m very excited to announce that the new & improved Nutri-Physical launches today in Canada! Prioritizing health and making a positive transformation with insightful product recommendations for you and your customers is what makes the Nutri-Physical such an empowering program for everyone. 

Our teams have spent over a year developing the new Nutri-Physical, and by reimagining this program from the ground up we were able to create an updated system which is more intuitive and adaptive for the future, and also more effective with a rebuilt recommendations engine which delivers results based on the very latest research and science. This program was already an incredibly useful tool, and it’s getting even better with this complete overhaul. It’s like having a personalized blueprint for better health, with the ability to drill down within 8 categories including: Muscle & Joint Health, Hormone Balance, Digestive Health, Sexual Health/Function, Energy/Stamina, Stress Management, Sleep Hygiene, and Cardiovascular Health. By breaking it down into these different sections, it allows the user to focus on the categories they care about the most.

This new Nutri-Physical is a massive leap forward and an incredible evolution of a program which was already tremendously effective. Not only does the new Nutri-Physical represent a powerful new resource to help everyone optimize their health maintenance routines, but it also represents another dynamic program to help drive UnFranchise growth and entrepreneurial prosperity. Connecting people with effective solutions backed by science while also giving your business a boost is a true Win – Win scenario!

The time is now to see what Nutri-Physical can create for your customers and within your business. Visit the Learning Center to find out more about the new Nutri-Physical as well as the many other great programs available to help build your business. Click here to check out the new Nutri-Physical and take charge of your health today! It’s a customized solution for today’s complex health decisions. 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger