February 11th, 2021

The Joys of Showing the Plan

Sharing the UnFranchise Business with new people is a key component of our success as an UnFranchise Owner. By showing the plan you’re not only exposing new people to this powerful entrepreneurial opportunity but you’re also supporting and cultivating your own business growth. Learning how to show the plan is a process but like all other activities can be refined and improved with a little practice and guidance. I’ve highlighted below just a few of the Joys of Showing the Plan and explain why this is such a critical component of success…

Meeting New People & Creating Connections

One basic benefit of showing the plan is you get to interact with new people and open new doors in life. And let’s be honest, not everyone you meet will become a business partner. Sometimes you’ll just develop a new contact who leads to others or make a new friend. Regardless of the outcome, every time you engage with someone else about the business, it’s a chance to learn about them and the role you may possibly play in their life. By strengthening our connections with others, we strengthen our community – something that goes far beyond business building.

Building Your Confidence and Enhancing Knowledge

Showing the plan is one of the fundamental components of UnFranchise success, and for some it can be somewhat intimidating at first. But the more you do it the more it becomes natural. As you become more comfortable your knowledge and authenticity shine through. The more you share the plan, the deeper your sense of understanding becomes. Once it really clicks for you that passion and positivity become contagious. 

The Opportunity to Help Others

Sharing the business with new people enriches your life in ways beyond mere entrepreneurial success. It allows you to learn more about what people want out of life and puts you in a position to help them actually do something about it. 

Strengthening Your Business & Team

Showing the plan is obviously an essential part of shaking the bean jar, but it also represents an important opportunity to strengthen the bonds of your team by working together. Through mentoring and sharing the plan together, UFOs who work together succeed together. 

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