January 2nd, 2019

The Importance of Ambassador’s Choice Products

SA members, Leaders and UFOs:

This is one of the 1st steps to match products to the Shopping Annuity Assessment needs or your “List” where UFO’s spend money in order to make it easier to find products that convert spending into earning. It’s an ongoing process on our part to make it even easier to leverage the Shopping Annuity. Ambassador Choice products are selected by our SA Ambassadors and other top SAMMs searching the site and finding the best deals or choices on SHOP.COM based on savings, price, shipping cost and IBV earned. This saves you so much time because these UFOs have already scoured the site to find what works the best for them and the Shopping Annuity. Most UFOs agree that if they can replace what they already buy with a product that does the same thing with a better cost and IBV credit they will convert their spending using that product to fund their Shopping Annuity and earn in the MPCP. It’s that simple.

Most UFOs and SAMMs have expressed that minor differences in size, or brand name preferences do not matter that much if the product is equal to or better than what they already buy now, doing the same thing, and it saves money and gives better IBV credit. These Ambassador Choice matches can also be used right from the Assessment results or Lists. IBV clicking and ordering. Most of these are OneCart options that give immediate credit for IBV and can be put on AutoShip. The goal here is to make it easier for you to convert spending into earning!

It’s a smart idea to use this yourself and to also promote it to your team and SA members. This is just one step of many being taken to match products as well as to find products and bring them on to make it easy to convert spending into earning. Remember, this is an ongoing endeavor and a work in progress that will continue to get better and better. SPREAD THE WORD!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


Finding the Best Products Now Easier with ‘Ambassador’s Choice’ Badges

Fueling your Shopping Annuity® with regular consumable items is a simple way to increase your group’s IBV while saving time and money on items you were going to buy anyway. There are millions of products to choose from, and making the best choice is now a little easier.

Now on UnFranchise.com and on SHOP.COM, you will see an “Ambassador’s Choice” badge on the best consumable products that were hand-selected by our field ambassadors and UFO Marketing team. Further, those choices are now boosted to the top of search, so they are the first items you see above all the other choices.

Best-choice products were selected based on the best prices, quantities, vendors (shipping) and IBV, and therefore make finding the best options easier for both you and your team. The goal is to make shopping easy and fun so that you can focus your time on building your UnFranchise® Business — while the Shopping Annuity works on autopilot to convert spending into earning.  Log in to UnFranchise.com today and search for a few consumables that you need (examples: penne and marinara). You will still see all options returned, with the best-choice products appearing at the top with the “Ambassador’s Choice” badge.


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