December 11th, 2018

The Impact of Increased IBV: Creating Momentum in the Shopping Annuity

UnFranchise Leaders:

I’ve got some excellent news to share with you regarding the impact of increased IBV. As you know we introduced “double plus” IBV in August. The great news is that it is working even without (or before) we’ve introduced all of the new products and improvements. I wanted to see the effect it had on IBV accumulation and earnings so we took a closer look – and what we saw was truly impressive. Keep in mind, this will get even better because there are a lot of other things being done and you’ll see all types of innovations, advancements, and new products rolling out in the future which will make the Shopping Annuity even easier by helping leverage IBV. Releases and new announcements and products will be announced regularly and there will be amazing introductions at our upcoming events.

When I requested to see the impact of the new increased IBV program offered to UFO’s since we launched the new program in August, what I received was a report highlighting significant increases we’ve seen associated with the impact of “Increased IBV” for non-MA product sales. (BV products used for IBV) This report shows the IBV amount. The date range is from March to October 2018.As you can see below we’ve seen a significant increase the amount of IBV awarded to UFO’s and accrued in the IBV MPCP!It’s an average of 72.92% increase just from the double + IBV for UFO’s rather than Cashback. For the US there was a 64.12% increase!This is creating momentum in the Shopping Annuity!!!

Quick Numbers – Percentage Increase by Country:

  • Australia 35.14%
  • Canada 138.87%
  • Hong Kong 132.89%
  • Malaysia 17.18%
  • Singapore 100.02%
  • Taiwan (excluded Oct. due to reporting lag) 25.41%
  • United States 64.12%
  • Overall Average 72.92%

Keep Growing,
JR Ridinger

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