May 26th, 2010

The Future is Here with maNetwork

THE FUTURE IS HERE WITH ma® Network The most powerful One-to-One Marketing tool ever created!  What if there was a tool that would find customers, sales and prospects for you? Better yet – what if it enabled those customers and prospects to find you? What if there was a magnet that attracted customers, additional sales and even prospects for the business to you? What if there was an application or tool that would recommend products that customers wanted to buy because it could figure out what they want and like? We already have it and it is amazing technology! Well, it does remain the best kept secret and people are just finding out about it, but we have it and it is live now. It is called ma Network (formerly ma Connect). It is a Facebook application that accesses the 450,000,000 Facebook users. Within a month it will also be on the ma Chatterbox social media hub so people can come over from Facebook and use it on Chatterbox with the Portal.

This is the an incredible advancement and breakthrough in One-to-One Marketing and you need to understand it, know about it, experience it, and use it to grow your business! Now I hope that you know that Market America is an Internet marketing and product brokerage company that specializes in One-to-One Marketing. I hope by now most of you understand fully what that means, why we are what we are, and why it is so powerful. Remember, some of the key points about One-to-One Marketing. · People hate to be sold, but love to buy. They do not like to be solicited, sold, pressured or bombarded with advertising that is not relevant to their interest. But by the same token, they love to find, shop for and buy the things they decide they want. So in One-to-One Marketing, instead of trying to sell what we have, we try to identify what people want and provide it to them at the best price.

· Fundamentally, we match product to people and people to product. In other words, we build a relationship and profile on them. We find a product that they need and would benefit from and provide it to them. Then we determine what they are shopping for, help them find it on the Portal, and provide it to them at savings through ma Cashback and comparison shopping (matching people to products)

When you think about it, things have come full circle from the turn of the century when every small town’s Main Street shop owner or proprietor (apothecary, shoe shop, general store, grocery store, etc.) knew every customer by name and what they wanted, and took care of getting them exactly that. From there, our economy migrated into a mass marketing model with chain stores and super stores where you became a number; they knew nothing about you, treated everyone the same, and the store clerk knew nothing about the product you were looking for. We have come full circle because now in One-to-One Marketing, using computerization and the Internet allows us to do the same thing the sole proprietor or shop owner did with their hundred customers with millions. We can treat millions individually, giving them exactly what they want, matching product to people and people to product, and with the high touch of a personal shopper and guide on the Internet with an UnFranchise Owner. This is sometimes called digital marketing. It also allows us to leverage large numbers using our collective buying powers and commonalities of what large numbers of people want: to leverage economies of scale, providing higher quality at the best possible prices!

So in this model, we treat people individually and focus on what they want. We do not blast one message to everyone as in mass media, but we individualize the offering and presentation to each visitor or customer through recommendations.

Additionally, this ultimately will eliminate the cost of mass marketing and drive prices down. The cost of mass media advertising is upward of 30 percent of the cost of the product and the cost of inventory and distribution. Putting products in stores and distribution centers is estimated as high as 40 percent of the cost of the product. Obviously it doesn’t all move and becomes obsolete or has to be deeply discounted. It is much more efficient and economical to have products inventoried in one fulfillment center, take the order and ship it to the customer directly. Eventually mass marketing will not be able to compete pricewise. This also eliminates the huge cost of operating too many brick and mortar stores. It just makes so much sense (or cents)!

So the new ma Network (formerly ma connect) is true One-to-One Marketing at its finest. It is what we call transparent customization, where we do not even need to bother the customer with a survey (like we used to). Their use of the Portal (what they want to see when they customize it, where they go, and what they look at or buy defines the customer – referred to as attributes and profile). ma Network is operating around the clock for you, invisibly tracking what people want, like, review, say and buy! The more you use it the more relevant recommendations it makes. The more people use it, the better it gets and the more data it has to make recommendations based on what people with similar attributes or profiles buy. Amazing!

On ma Network, people tell us what they are thinking, what they like, and provide reviews. This all goes into the ma Network’s recommendation engine using digital marketing. In digital marketing we are able to establish correlations between attributes of people and products to make relevant matches. Digital marketing definition: Digital marketing is the process where Market America matches products to people’s profiles and in turn, people to the products they are shopping for based on digital correlations in our database. Market America is then able to customize the display presentation and medium based on the customer. With this dynamic in place, customers get exactly what they want – we are supplying rather than selling. On the mobile applications, the first thing that is displayed is individualized product recommendations for that customer. Prior to Convention, it will also be displayed on every Portal. When you access ma Network on your portal from the toolbar, it is also displayed.


If you are not familiar with the analogy and my Basic 5 Fundamentals teaching of the process of filling the funnel and shaking the bean jar so the biggest nuts rise to the top (Prospective Preferred Customers or Prospective UFOs that become “Go Nows”), look at the article and video in my blog at this link: beanjarvideo ma Network is designed to do all of this for you. It is an incredible tool that is working for you around the clock to fill the proverbial funnel and bean jar with possibilities for products, sales and prospects for the business. It is like a magnet that attracts customers and prospects. It works around the clock transparently and miraculously:

  • to build interest in products
  • to recommend products to existing customers based on their profile, buying history, and what other people like them buy
  • is a merchandizing tool that allows people to buy products, go right to the landing page on the Portal, and drop it in the EZ kart
  • to develop “possibilities” for the business that as you cultivate them and build a relationship become prospects

It operates on a simple principle that people rely on what other people think and trust friends’ opinions. People love reviews and the opinions of users rather than advertisements. So every time someone says they like a product, reviews a product, or posts a suggestion, comment, or recommendation, everyone sees it. All of their friends see it and it is also posted on their profile page or wall. When people comment on or give it the thumbs up click, it then goes to all of their friends’ pages and all of their friends see it. So it is multiplying and duplicating or spreading virally. Ingenious, amazing, and effective!

So…what is maNetwork in a nutshell?

Market America has built a business tool that allows distributors a way of promoting millions of products, hot deals, news and events, ideas to their friends and friends of friends directly from social networks.  This will assist you in promoting products, your website and the UnFranchise opportunity all at once.

It identifies prospects for products and the business, it fills the bean jar with possibilities (possible customer or UFOs that you can interact with, invite as friends and cultivate) and the recommendation engine serves up product recommendations to anyone on ma Network and the Portal based on what they like!


You do not know what you do not know-in fact you do not even know that you do not know it. Take a deep breath and make sure you take the time to understand this because it changes everything when you understand it and use it!

Here is an amazing process that occurs naturally when you, your organization of UFO’s, your customers or your friends on Face book respond to a product or make a post:

This simple news post starts a chain of events:

  • Let’s say you have 100 friends It would be 1news post x seen by 100 friends.  But, every time one of your friends indicate they “Like” a post that you have made, it (opportunity) again.
  • It multiplies many times to all of their friends, viewers, or followers.
  • If one of your friends indicates they “Like” one of your post and they have two hundred friends, your post has now reached 300 people with an (opportunity) to convert them into a customer or more.  This all started from one simple news post with the potential to reach hundreds and even thousands.
  • Every maNetwork user has a unique id that identifies them when they sign up and every time you login to your social network profile page.
  • When you send out a news feed no matter how far or deep your news feeds goes that you initiated it will always come back to you for credit. This is like the example I so often use of going to the movie, liking it and telling others and then they go. This tracks all of that action!
  • How does the referral credit work
  • IMPORTANT: First and Foremost you should always be logged in when sending a news post.
  • So, If you are a distributor please make sure you log in using your personal pc for your own sake and teach everyone in your organization to do the same—because it means $ , orders, sales, and customers
  • If someone clicks on your news post and signs up as a new customer (orders) you will get the new customer. That could have been a referral thread of 30 people deep! It doesn’t matter how many tiers of people from your original post the new customer comes-you will get credit! Truly amazing! Do you understand that?
  • If one of your customers are logged in and sends news feed out.  You get the new customer and the customer gets a cashback referral automatically!
  • Now since we have this smart application to track activity and ensure you the distributor or your customers get credit we wanted to supply you with the products and information to talk about and promote.

The MA network is on the Portal and the Toolbar.

If you do not have it up or are not using it, Use this link to learn how to get the tool bar up and to get MA network accessible all the time and working for you

Installing toolbar:

Here is how to register for a Facebook account and to set ma the Ma network application tied to your personal PC (insert CK’s tutorial or video links on how to do this here)

Once you have it up and working for you -get familiar with some amazing features working for you transparently all the time.

So let’s look at some of the available features of maNetwork.

  • See all new maNetwork friends who have joined the site.
  • See what type of products people are talking about.
  • See what products are your friends’ favorites.
  • Invite any of your friends on face book to join selectively, especially those who respond to a product post or inquire about the business
  • Invite friend’s friends that responded to a post or reviewed a product or commented on a post
  • Pulls up your existing friend list and you can select one or all to send an invitation to join your maNetwork.  Will show up in the home page.


The most powerful part of this application and platform is how it recommends products to viewers or customers or you and our existing UFO organizations. Undoubtedly, recommendations has been proven to be the most powerful driver of additional sales  and conversions on the internet.

What triggers recommendations activity?

  • Anytime they “Like” a product
  • Anytime they “View” a product.
  • Customers who have similar activity who they might not even know.

Recommendations are provided every time they come back to the home page and there is a special area or tab called “Recommended Products”.

It also displays recommendations on the mobile smart phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Androids). Remember that by convention it will also be on the home page of the portal on lap tops and it will be Chatterbox!


One of the biggest reasons people go to the internet to shop id to get special offers, free shipping, deep discounts, limited offers or the biggest savings. We call these HOT Deals. When a customer uses market america to shop we do the work for them and find the Hot Deals for them and alert them. So in essence , the hot deals they want find them. That is a real convenience and advantage (in addition to getting paid to shop!) Now HOT DEALS are also on MA Network. Here is how it works! (open this link to learn more)


In conclusion, this is an amazing technology the merchandizes products, serves up recommendations and fills the bean jar for you! The more you and your organizations and customers use it the better it works and the greater the effect on your business. Here are my recommended actions steps:

  1. Get everyone registered for the IBV requirement and prime the pump challenge
  2. Get everyone in your organization and all of their PC’s to make the Portal their home page
  3. Get everyone to sign up for paid to shop (Cash Back)
  4. Invite everyone on your contact list to get Paid to Shop with Cash Back. After all you are saving them money and doing them a favor. The invite tool allows you to do this with gmail or you can cut and past 200 names from your contact list and send them out daily. Get everyone in your group to do the same and encourage customers to invite people so they can earn cash back on their friends shopping.
  5. Get everyone in your group to activate MA network and enter their personal PC Id number. Also get the toolbar activated so that it is working for you all the time
  6. Visit MA network daily to see what is going on and if you have any action. The more you use it -the more it does for you. The more people you have on it the better it gets and the more business it will bring you that rolls up or accumulates in the MPCP!
  7. Open the attachment to a PowerPoint explanation to learn about MA network and to teach your group! Don’t put it off. Don’t think about it! JUST DO IT! (see the PDF of ma network below the post manetworktraining_material_2.pdf)


(Filling the funnel with Possibilities from Social Networks and Cyberspace)

When you meet the qualification for the IBV requirements (Prime the Pump challenge) and take a course or webinar on how to handle cyber-leads and social matching leads, we will fill your funnel and bean jar up with beans and nuts (possibilities). We have already screened 21 million profiles and have a qualified list of possibilities that have screened attributes to be match to you geographically and by background or interest to cultivate (shake the bean jar). We even have a CRM platform or application that tracks this and tells you what to do and what to give them every step of the way. Your senior partner will get reports to monitor and assist you. Be sure to be at convention because we will be unveiling this and teaching it as well as launching it. Equally important, you want to get everyone to meet the IBV requirements, make the portal their home page, install the toolbar and get MA network up and running so you have more people participating to receive more leads in your organization so the action and volume rolls up to you in the MPCP!

Log on to maNetwork here

The best is yet to come. Buckle your seat belts and get ready for the best ride of your life! The joy is in the journey!

Keep Growing!

– JR Ridinger

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