October 16th, 2015

The ABC Pattern: Perfect Execution in the United Kingdom

This past week was a blast working with our Market UK Superstars in London! If you want to build the business fast and solid – this is how it is done! This is exactly how I built the MA UnFranchise organization from Day One! Perfect meetings – Prefect execution. WHY? Here’s why:

  1. Kick off for new partner Eddie.
  2. Full house!
  3. ABC pattern with senior team there supporting & booking follow ups: Mike Baptist B level, Len Allen Level and B level (2 legs), Westcarr’s C and 2nd ABC level., Mauros B levels.
  4. Everyone booked follow ups at their people’s homes to do SA assessment & start trial run!
  5. COMBINATIONS- Mike and Len had multiple legs combined.
  6. They promoted and SOLD tickets to NMTSS event.


UK meetings


This is the perfect execution of the ABC pattern with follow-ups, shopping annuity, combinations, building event to event, get people to NMTSS event, whole team helps show the parts of the  UBO presentation for credibility, excitement, duplication through newer team mates building their confidence, and the entire team booking follow-ups in the guests’ locations!

Do this for 30 to 90 days to hit Professional and for 6 months consistently to go Director!!!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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