August 26th, 2013

Tapping Into the Power of Mobile

One of the key aspects of achieving success is staying ahead of the curve so you can capitalize on paradigm shifts. It’s critical for us as entrepreneurs to be forward thinking and proactive about our success by capitalize on trends – and one big trend we are ready to fully leverage is in the area of mobile technology.

According to this fascinating article from – 17.4% of all global web traffic comes through mobile devices. That’s a huge percentage, which represents a growing number of mobile users worldwide who like to do their web surfing on the go. It’s clear that mobile devices are the wave of the future, as more and more users are making this the primary way they access the internet.

Many companies have failed to optimize their systems for the coming wave of mobile users, but not us. Our mobile team, which is led by Vice President of Mobile and Social Products Steve Ashley and Director of Mobile Development Kevin Curley, are helping us stay ahead of the curve by implementing systems and tools that will help us fully leverage the power of mobile technology.

Steve and Kevin are helping us lead the mobile parade by optimizing our systems for the future, and have helped assemble one of the absolute best teams in the industry. They also gave an incredible presentation at our International Convention, where they spoke at length about some of the amazing advances we are making in the mobile field.

Below you’ll find a video of that presentation from #MAIC2013 – which gives you some great information about all the things we’re doing as a company to fully leverage the power of mobile technology. Leave me a comment, and tell me, how to you leverage the power of mobile technology to build your business!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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