March 16th, 2020

Talking in Themes & Conversational Dancing

The art of conversational dancing is something we spoke about at length at the 2020 World Conference and is the key to discovering new/potential business partners. This is a way to conceptualize the process of using conversations and talking in themes to “dance” with prospects and unlock what aspects of our business resonate with them.

By learning to talk in themes you’ll discover just how easy it is to share our business with new prospects! I’ve included below a powerful video from the 2020 World Conference where we discussed this topic at length, and by reviewing this video with your teams it is my hope that you gain the insights you need to apply this same approach to your business building efforts.

I’ve also included a great Learning to Talk in Themes document which you can access on by CLICKING HERE. I hope these resources combines with the video below help you form a better understanding of the concepts and practices which make sharing our business with new people simple, fun, and effective! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

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