June 24th, 2010

Taking the Business to the Next Level


IBV Requirements or challenges in the “Prime the Pump Challenge” with Paid to Shop (Cash Back) and with Cyber Recruiting And Social Matching + MA network with recommendations and 1:1 marketing engine opens a new chapter in the Unfranchise business and Market America.

These are incredibly exciting times for me in the business. What I have been visioning, predicting, teaching and promising is becoming a reality as I write. This convention, like none other will be a milestone demonstrating, change, advances, results and success. I think moving up 12 positions to 54 on the E retailer 500 and being rated number one most improved site out of the E-retailer 100 for User Experience and Satisfaction was just a precursor to what is happening and to come. And of course that was without the full effect of Paid to Shop or the accomplishments of the new IT team we have added. I feel as if a sleeping giant is awakening.

I know that people are a little slow to catch on and change (including even to revolutionary or paradigm shifting improvements)and it is always an adjustment and takes a while to assimilate and get for everyone to get it. Well, sooner or later everyone will get it because they will experience it and see the results. The design of the program has synergies that produce results in the  MPCP and increase sales, customers, recruiting, IBV and also BV and residual income as well as the number of people earning.

The Paid to Shop and Cash back program is just taking off and gearing up.  With Bing’s Farwell to their Cash Back program because of lack of people power adoption—we now are undoubtedly leading the parade. (Refer to my previous blog post on why they did that and why it creates a powerful opportunity with MA Cash Back  and puts it in the spotlight.) But now we have introduced Higher Cash Back with 5 % to 35% Cash Backon both BV Market America products and partner store products on the portal. Wow! Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that. Do you realize that  we already have over 325 partners on the portal offering more than the floor of 2% cash back, but 5% to 35% cash back! And now we are offering it on BV product specials each week. This gets customers coming to the portal to shop because of Cash Back on name brands to also discover Market America Products(BV)! This comes with the exciting COUNT DOWNprogram where the higher cash back is offered on a limited number (quantity) of products or a limited time (day, week, month). Every day and week there are new offers. So people come back to the site to check.  The count downs create a shopping frenzy and excitement.

Let’s review the powerful components and synergies and how they work together to produce results and take the business to a new level:

1. Paid to Shop and Cash Back is a magnet to attract new customers and get existing customers to buy more. We actually pay people to shop! Then we go a step further and pay them for inviting or referring others to shop and paying them on everything they order in the future. This is exactly reflective of and like my “going to the movies” analogy or story and example where people discover a movie, go see it and enjoy it and then can’t wait to tell others and end up leading to hundreds of people going by word of mouth (the process repeats or duplicates); however don’t make a dime for spreading the word and all the sales they lead to. Paid to Shop and Cash back tracks and pays on all the shopping of those invited or referrals. Paid to Shop is the movie analogy actually at work and monetized so they do get paid for spreading the word.

Think about this for a moment. Who doesn’t want to get paid to shop? Who wouldn’t want to be paid on what everyone they know shops for that they invite?  Then combined that with a better shopping experience, with better search, 35 million items, more brands, comparison shopping at its best with reviews and recommendations! What happens when the word gets out and there is a  BUZZ across the country that with the MA Unfranchise Opportunity  not only do you actually get paid to shop (2% to 25%and get paid on others that shop .5% and customers earn checks? You actually get “Paid to  be on line” and to get people on line and make the portal their home page. Yes, you not only get paid for their shopping as well as who they invite; but you also get paid indirectly on their Google search and get paid for their looking on the site (clicking or impressions they view). And now with MA Widgets you can supply anyone who has their own web site, blog or social media page the Paid to Shop program where they make money on people who order from cash back and their customer receive 2 to 35% cash back! You get the actual order because the order goes to your portal meaning BV or IBV to you. So you actually get paid for getting people on line! Wow! That is pretty amazing when you think about it. You can get everyone not in Market America who has a web site, log or Social network profile to sell for you!

2. Higher Cash Back and Countdowns on BV products and Partner stores (IBV). We just introduced the limited special offers for Higher Cash Back. There are already over 325 vendors or brands offering Higher cash back up to 35%. Many of these special offers are limited offers for a specific period of time (day, week, month) or a limited offer for a certain number of items  and when they are gone or the time is up the offer ends. This promotes and encourages people to come back to the site frequently to catch thenew Higher Cash back offers and Countdowns. This has been proven to cause shopping “frenzies”!

3. More BV from existing groups and customers. · The Higher Cash Back offers encourage or entice cyber customers to look at BV products too and quite often results in a new BV customer, especially when they see recommendations from other users like themselves on MA Network or their phone or desk top front page· The Prime the Pump Challenge or IBV requirements has everyone who meets the challenge to buy 50 BV a month of the portal plus getting PC’s ordering off the portal. You have more distributors participating so you have more people on  line. Ultimately this results in more BV orders. More people shopping on the portal leads to more orders.

4. The requirements result in more UFO’s and customers shopping on portal and using the Portal · Obviously this has to increase the accumulative  IBV in a group—the more people meeting the challenge and requirement—the more IBV there is that accumulates in the MPCP! · The more people buying IBV the more leverage we have with Partners to raise IBV. They all agreed to do it for more sales and conversions!— In a way its just like the plan (MPCP), you get paid more when you hot higher volumes which mean more people buying or selling more product. So at 1200 AND 1200 BV you get $300 but at $5000 and $5000BV you get $1500. IBV will double or ,ore on many products. Many brands that you get 5% IBV on will go to 15% IBV and 15% IBV will go to 25% to 40% IBV. · More traffic and conversions =  higher advertising and search dollars—see explanation below—new money and incentive!

5. NEW development and breakthrough—New money!: Advertising Bonus IBV beginning at convention. This actually incentivizes IBV requirements. The more people you have in your group participating and using the portal to shop and by meeting the requirements; the more advertising dollars MA gets from Partners and advertisers. Remember, that most internet businesses or sites’ business or monetization model is based solely on advertising revenue. Well we were built on merchandizing and sales of products we offer. Advertising is a new found revenue for MA. It could easily be as big if not bigger than the merchandizing and product revenue! Just like we do on products we will allocate a payout to the field of 63% of the ad revenue just like we do on BV products with commission in the MPCP. This will be done as “Bonus IBV” to the qualifiers, or cash or a combination and will be ready at convention. The ad revenue is already accumulating into a pool or account. Also your activity and the number of people you have meeting the IBV requirement and making purchases is being tracked or accumulated to determine your participation or share.  We already have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue. But in order to prime the pump, I  have decided to guarantee a minimum of 1 million in the pool. So that the bonus will be significant. If advertising revenue (which is driven and determined by you and your customers’  activity on the portal) is over 1 million, we will match every dollar over a million dollar for dollar the first year. This is being done to Prime the pump! The exact design of this program and how it works will be unveiled at the convention—don’t miss it. Get anyone important there so you don’t have to explain it.

6. Portal shopping list and auto ship (transfer buying). This amazing feature and enhancement to the Paid to Shop and the Prime the Pump Challenge(IBV Requirements) changes everything and will be ready by convention and makes it so much easier to qualify and duplicate! When someone signs up for paid to shop, invites others to participate in Cash Back, OR any UFO or distributor in your group registers for The Prime the Pump (IBV Requirements) Challenge the first thing they will do is go through the “shopping survey or evaluation.” This is a fun experience that really is an eye opener to how much money you can save and make by participating. It list everything that a household would normally buy monthy to yearly (both BV and IBV). Then the portal site serves up a list of brands and products available to satisfy or fill all those needs or things that you are already spending money on and adds it up. It compares pricing and totals it. You (the customer or viewer) can elect to order all or any individual products on the list. It selects them from the portal and puts them in the  EZ cart –it actually finds them and orders them. The customer (you) can edit, modify, or adjust the order. Then with the click or push of a button you can have it auto shipped to you when you want it. You can change it or cancel it at anytime. The beauty of it is that it finds the product for you and shows what you will save with cash back. You are not spending any more money than you are already spending on the same or similar products. You are simply transferring dollars spent in brick and mortar stores or on other sites to the MarketAmerica.com <http://MarketAmerica.com>  portal and saving by being paid to shop! It cost less if anything and you are not spending any more money. The product is automatically shipped to you or the customer on a delivery schedule or cycle of their design and choice.

7. IBV Leadership bonus. When 50,000 UFO’s qualify for the IBV requirements and Prime the Pump Challenge and individually  you have 50 in UFO’s qualifying in each leg and someone earning a IBV 1500 check in each leg in t the same commission cycle (same as BV in MPCP) a $600 LB will be paid making the maximum potential earnings on IBV in the MPCP is $2100 per week rather than $1500 per week previously. So this is another way you earn additional income from the IBV requirements and Prime the Pump challenge. We plan to release the details on this at convention!

8. SEO, SEM, Publicity, ad words key words, celebrity endorsements brings more customers to the marketamerica.com site, driving more traffic and more customers. Up until now the vast majority of Market America’s business on the internet has come from people power and referrals rather than search engines. Recently MA brought a new team of SEO and SEM experts on board our team who drove hundreds of millions of dollars per year in sales s from  natural and paid search to their sites and companies. MA is about to launch a campaign that will put is on the map and generate more traffic which means more customers and prospects. You want to be in position  with yourself and your organization to benefit from this by having met the IBV requirements and Prime the Pump challenge as well have taken the Cyber-recruiting training so you can be in the rotation for the leads. This will definitely fill the bean jar!

9. MA network– Face book application helps to sell products and attract customers is just catching on. We are conducting a massive education and promotional program on this at convention and the months to follow. We do not want you or your organization to miss out on the magic here. You do t know what you do not know—and sometimes you do not even know that you don’t know it. I want to make sure that isn’t the case here because it means sales and income to you! · Recommendations Engine—based on each users profile, likes and dislikes, and shopping history product offers are recommended. Customized offers for every visitor or customer. Update and changes every time you use it. The more you use it the better it gets….and the better it knows you. The more people that use it the smarter it gets and the better correlations it makes and more relevant offers. · Social Matching and leads –see below as this will blow your mind! Nobody has this! It is a gold mine to fill the funnel and bean jar!


This is such a powerful phenomenon in itself that it deserves a article exclusively dedicated to it and I will do that next week. Think about it for a minute. Some of you or some of your people are a little bewildered by all the commotion over social media, social networking, and cyber recruiting. For some reason it seems strange and another “thing” we need to do. However what it is really about is “networking”—what some of you have done for years but without having to leave home cold call people without knowing something about them or a warm market.

Think about this. One our of every 4 romantic or dating relationships begins or comes from the internet. That’s 25%! More people than ever are meeting on the internet, whether it be from a site like Harmony.com <http://Harmony.com> , a blog, or a social network or social media site.  It is estimate that as high as 40% of all jobs are found or matched on the internet. Just look at Moster.com and the proliferation of specialty job sites for various industries and specialties.  Searching and finding on the internet is now a way a life. Match making based on attribute correlations and matching based on relevancy is used everywhere on the internet today.

So why would you think it is so strange to prospect and recruit over the internet. The fact is that it is not strange. It is smart! Would you rather work harder or smarter?  In fact, I have to suggest that people who do not use the internet and social media to recruit may be a little strange, behind the times and mentally constipated. All about FILLING THE FUNNEL OR BEAN JAR AND SHAKING IT UP!  The Paid to Shop and Paid on line programs, the branding and SEO on the internet, the branding of Market America as an internet marketing company, the introduction of Chatterbox, and MA network (Face book application) and the MA network social matching engine bring us into a new era at market america and have created two huge prospecting and recruiting opportunities to fill the funnel and shake the bean jar:

1. Social matching : a.     This is where we are screening  social network profiles (2 million per day) and identifying attributes or characteristics (geography, background, interest, hobbies, professions, likes and dislikes, music, sports, buying habits) of people and matching them to UFO profiles. b.     It also recommends a product they may be interested in based on other people similar to them. c. We  are beta testing leads and testing techniques: Dennis, Kevin, Andrew Weissman, Todd Laire—then to you! Then to the rest of the field. This will all happen by Convention and become available to those people who meet the Prime the Pump Challenge (IBV requirements). Those who qualify will be eligible to take the training on this and on successful completion of the training they will begin receiving leads weekly on a rotation. This another great reason to be at convention and get people to convention—to learn how it works and how to do it. There is no better reason to meet the IBV requirements and get everyone on your group meeting them? Why? Simple the more people qualified in your group –the more possibilities sent into your group to cultivate and prospect. But you must learn how to handle these leads in a seminar or webinar and we will monitor your results and follow up. We do not want to waist these leads or have someone who doesn’t do it right—chase people off and create the wrong impression. Here are some key points and required actions: •      Must contact them as a friend on SN and interact and cultivate a possibility. (we will teach you how) •      Must use Market America’s tracking and CRM software that tells tell you what course of action to take, what materials to give them and how t follow up (next step) •      Create curiosity and probe for what they like, problems or interests. •      Get them to talk about themselves or look for common interest or background •      Invite them to MA  fan club or Paid to Shop cash back. •      Invite to MA netwoek on Face Book or chatterbox. If they make the portal the homepage oit can be put right on the toolbar •      Do not try to sell or recruit until they ask or express interest •      Once you develop a online relationship you can also use the “back door approach ” and ask :”do you know anyone that……” or “Maybe You can help me out….”

2. Cyer-space recruiting •      Web Portal Recruiting—people contact the MA portal with interest or questions. •      This can be Dangerous! It has to be done right though. You need to learn what to do. •      Questions! They are contacting us and asking a direct question or for information. •      This is too Hot for the Untrained and inexperienced to handle! a.     Cyberspace leads from people searching or surfing. CATERGORIES OF LEADS, CUSTOMERS OR ORDERS: · These people searched and found us or were referred or heard of us · They come to us and ask for information (inquiring) · You must be trained how to handle and follow up. · Some tips: • Contact by email and offer phone assistance and to call or meet.  They will usually be in  your geographical area. •      Tell them @ being Paid to Shop and Cash back and invite them to sign up •      Tell them @ inviting others and being paid on others shopping .5% on all future orders •      Do not try to sell or sponsor. Offer Chat function, MA messenger. •      Offer on line or on person Portal tour. Offer to send digital Powerline or  digital Mall  Talk catalogue •      Make a friend. Tell them you are their personal shopper and internet guide or MA  avatar. b.     When they lead to customers on Paid to shop they should naturally become interested   in business at which time you can suggest apprentice program or that you have so much business from them and others you are looking for someone who wants to own a UFO portal to manage the growth and customers and make money at home.

Obviously, this is a program that takes everything to a new level and the more people in your group that you have on it and have meet the challenge, the more people will benefit from this and there will be much greater impact or effect on your business from duplication and accumulation in the MPCP!  The convention becomes a critical event to learn and teach this. Undoubtedly this marks a new era in Market America. Welcome to the future!


~Keep Growing


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