November 29th, 2017

Taking One-to-One Marketing to the Next Level with Social Media

I’ve always felt our business is so unique because our UnFranchise Owners are the face of the company and serve as the personal connection between consumers and the incredible products we offer. As one-to-one marketers, we all have a unique opportunity to become more involved in the marketing initiatives that help drive sales for the products that serve as the cornerstone for our UnFranchise growth. In fact, has incorporated some powerful social sharing tools that allow UnFranchise Owners to add a personal touch to the Market America products they love. Helping connect people to product is what one-to-one marketing is all about – and right now we all have a chance to make a massive impact on the marketing efforts for our brands and business and to lead the social shopping parade.

When purchasing products, many of us rely on the recommendations of our friends, as well as online reviews to help guide our purchasing decisions. We’ve taken that concept to a whole new level on with social media recommendations and testimonials that are featured on every product page – and the best part is they all come from UnFranchise Owners just like you! Who better to explain the benefits of our products than the people who use them every day? You don’t have to be a marketing executive or have experience with an ad agency to help make a huge impact for your business thanks to our powerful social sharing features on!

Adding your content to these pages is not only a great way to share your experiences with our products but it also helps people connect these products to the lives they impact. It’s one thing to show a flashy advertisement with a product, but I’ve always felt genuine consumer feedback is always the best and most authentic form of a product testimonial and advertisement you could ever have. There are two easy ways for you to join the fun and add content of your own to our product pages on

  1. Make a post on Instagram that talks about a product. Tell us what you love about it in an engaging video or image! When posting on Instagram, use hashtags like #ShoppingAnnuity, #shoponSHOP, #MarketAmerica, #Isotonix, #MotivesCosmetics, etc. so we can find your posts and feature them.
  2. If you don’t use Instagram, don’t worry! You can also upload your product images or videos directly to the product pages on Simple go to that product’s detail page and click the Upload button within the social media section for that product. It’s that simple!


I’ve also included a great new video below, to help walk you through this process:


Keep in mind, beautiful product pictures are nice but telling the story behind WHY you love our products is even better. Remember, this is the next evolution of one-to-one marketing, and we all have an active role to play as marketers in the new digital frontier. The best part is each and every product that’s featured on the new Shopping Annuity Assessment has these social features built in, so that means UFOs around the world will see your product images and videos! For the Shopping Annuity to really change the world, we first need to help UnFranchise Owners build a better understanding of why our products are superior, and why they should switch to using our brands instead of common products that don’t fuel the Shopping Annuity. Sharing your product images and videos will help us tell our story more effectively while also helping new people discover the power of our products!

When we first began this business, One-to-One Marketing was truly that – a one-to-one experience. But now with social media that entire scenario has been supercharged. These powerful social media tools take One-to-One marketing to an entirely new level by spreading your message to many new people while digitizing the entire process. It’s never been easier or more efficient – but none of this works if you don’t take an active role in this process as UnFranchise Owners. This entire effort is part of the digital Uberization of the Shopping Annuity and right now each and every UnFranchise Owner has a key role to play in this endeavor. Join us and take an active role as a brand ambassador and UnFranchise Owner by contributing your original social media content on In the end it will make for a more enriching user experience and more UnFranchise Owners and customers will discover the benefits of Market America’s exclusive products!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



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