May 30th, 2019

Take Our New Pet Product Survey!

Tell us about the pet products you purchase!

In an effort to understand the types of products UnFranchise Owners are purchasing for their households on a regular basis, Market America has started a new survey series. We know that these types of questionnaires can be cumbersome, so to make it easier on you and your team, we’ve broken the entire set of consumer product research into more manageable surveys. Each is designed to take three to five minutes to complete, and you’ll see a new survey come out every few weeks. We hope you enjoy this new format and we want to thank you, from the entire Corporate Team here at Market America, for taking these surveys.

Participating in these product surveys helps us determine what new products we develop for retail and BV in MPCP and the SA, SA-BV/IBV, or super IBV.  It is at the heart of what we are about as a one to one marketing, internet marketing and product brokerage company with the Shopping Annuity digital aggregation. This is your business. Every UFO is a stakeholder, so it’s extremely important that you respond to these surveys and get your group to do it as well. This is how you leverage your economic power and share your input in our development as a company. This is what collective buying power and people power are all about! Let’s make it happen!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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