Take Control: Enhanced Capability to Assign Volume From Customer Orders

Team, we are always working on ways to make our business even better, and we recently launched a new feature to help you take an even more active role with your business. This new feature notifies an UnFranchise Owner when one of their customers places an order from any of our retail sites such as SHOP.COM, SHOPGLOBAL.COM, MotivesCosmetics.com, etc. After receiving notification of the sale, you’ll then have the opportunity to manually assign the BV/IBV from that order for the next 48 hours. After that, any BV/IBV you haven’t assigned follows your Autoplacement settings.

This feature represents a new level of detail and control that we think will have a huge impact on your ability to thrive. This is a truly exciting new feature for UnFranchise Owners and helps further establish us as a premier entrepreneurial opportunity for self-starters & go-getters. We’re very excited about this new feature and what it means for UFOs, so feel free to leave me a comment and give us some feedback! We’re always working to refine our systems & business and this is a great example of our commitment to empowering entrepreneurs! Have a look at our official announcement below…

Enhanced Capability to Assign Volume From Customer Orders

Now when a customer places an order on any of your retailing websites, such as SHOP.COM, SHOP.COM Global (SHOPGLOBAL.COM), motivescosmetics.com and lumieredevie.com, etc., you will receive an email and an alert on UnFranchise.com notifying you that there is BV and/or IBV to assign. These alerts will display in the “Alerts” widget on the UnFranchise.com homepage. 

Once an order is placed and you are notified, you will have 48 hours to manually assign the BV and/or IBV associated with that order.

Within the email and the alert, you can click the link to be taken to the Manual BV/IBV Placement page on UnFranchise.com so you can place the BV and/or IBV created from that specific order. 

If you do not manually place the volume within the 48-hour time frame, that volume will be placed according to your Autoplacement settings. Your Autoplacement settings can be accessed by visiting the BV/IBV Placement page. 

Remember that all orders count for the order time and date, even if assigned after the close of that commission week (i.e. orders placed on Friday and assigned on Saturday still count for Friday).