December 3rd, 2012

Strategic Planning: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

This week Loren and I are back in Miami, meeting with our incredible executive team of 25 to discuss our goals and objectives for the coming year. This week’s meetings are a critical time for Market America, because we are tasked with generating the solutions and innovations that will keep us on the cutting edge, and help UnFranchise® owners around the world make 2013 one to remember.


Planning the shopping revolution and UnFranchise global explosion is hard work, but I wouldn’t trade our corporate team for any other in the world. There are few corporate teams that have been together as long as we have, and I think that’s a testament to our sense of family, as well as the intelligence and skill of our team.


This week we come together as a unified team to outline the future success of Market America and SHOP.COM, and to create winning strategies that help build success for UnFranchise owners around the world. In essence, this week we are discussing our blueprints for success in the coming year, and I must say these are truly exciting times to be an UnFranchise owner!


This week is all about big ideas and big dreams – and I urge each one of you to hold your own strategic planning meetings to outline your goals and objectives, and to assess where you stand as a team. The new year is fast approaching, and developing a winning formula for 2013 is what Strategic Planning is all about. Check out a few pictures from today meeting’s, as we refine our winning formula to maximize success in 2013!



And remember, teamwork makes the dream work…

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