Steve Ashley Discusses SHOP.COM’s New Express Pay Feature with Internet Retailer

The SHOP.COM team is constantly working on new projects and innovations that make the best online shopping experience in the world even better. As President and COO of SHOP.COM, Steve Ashley has done a tremendous job applying his forward-thinking vision to the SHOP.COM platform and as a result many industry experts have taken note of our ongoing innovation and ingenuity.

Steve always has a keen eye on the future, and his attention to detail helped spark another great innovation for SHOP.COM. Steve knew that Amazon’s patent on One-Click checkout was expiring soon, so like any savvy executive Steve explored the methods, the reasoning, and the technology behind that checkout process – to see what, if any, possible application it may have for SHOP.COM. In the process of doing the due diligence, Steve discovered an even better checkout process that’s a great balance of efficiency and information for the customer.

What is this cutting edge new feature you ask? It’s called Express Pay – and you can use this new two-click checkout process RIGHT NOW on SHOP.COM!

While one-click checkout obviously sounds faster, sometimes faster isn’t necessarily what you want. With a one-click checkout process, customers essentially have to compromise faster checkout speed for their ability to quickly see and edit another extremely helpful layer of checkout information that would make them more confident about their purchase. Most people prefer to have the ability to edit shipping information or at the very least see a checkout confirmation page with an order total, and one-click checkout bypasses all of this helpful information for the customer.

No customers should be left in the dark when it comes to vital checkout information, so we set out to create checkout process on SHOP.COM that’s still extremely fast and efficient but also provides customers with the additional ability to quickly customize different aspects of your order. With Express Pay, we feel we’ve created the perfect blend of checkout speed and customer control. Having more information along with that extra level of control over things like shipping options will ultimately deliver a better shopping experience for our customers.

We really believe it’s the best of both worlds, but we’re not alone. In fact, Steve Ashley was recently interviewed by Stefany Zaroban of Internet Retailer – where he discussed Express Pay, our cutting edge two-click checkout process on SHOP.COM. You can CLICK HERE to read this fabulous interview with SHOP.COM President and COO Steve Ashley to gain a better understanding of the thought process behind Express Pay, and why we think it’s a great shift towards the future of shopping. This is huge news for all UnFranchise Owners and Customers, and is sending shockwaves throughout the industry. Yet another home run from Steve Ashley and the SHOP.COM team!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger