Stay Woke: Powerful Customer Reviews for Awake and Turn Up

Our collaboration with DJ Khaled represents a tremendous opportunity for people to learn more about our brands and business. Sharing information about this promotion on your social media channels and email is a great way to help us generate a buzz! While these limited-edition bundles with Khaled are brand new, the products themselves are established and well loved by people around the world. Sharing those customer reviews is a great way to support this campaign. As you can see below we have some tremendous five-star reviews for these products, but my favorite testimonial comes from DJ Khaled himself:

“As an entertainment mogul that juggles many hats 

It is important that I stay focused from the time 

I wake up till the time that I go to sleep. 

My new line of products with Market America/Isotonix® 

That include the health and wellness products 

Turn Up and Awake® I get the energy and strength 

To carry on my day and continue to be great!  

They don’t want us to be better but we’re gonna be better. We stay woke with Awake. 

Continue to be The Best! Continue to Be the FATHER OF ASAHD!

DJ Khaled Approved!” 

-DJ Khaled

Sharing testimonials like Khaled’s as well as the ones below are a great way to help promote this collaboration and also helps customers form a better understanding of the benefits of Awake Energy Shot and Turn Up. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to leave a product review of your own!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

Customer Reviews for Awake Energy Shot (from SHOP.COM):

Stay Awake! by ZacharyE

Awake energy shots taste great and are awesome for a quick boost. I tend to take them before workouts or long drives. Not crashing and having sustained energy is everything and more when you are looking for that boost at the beginning or middle of the day…or if you are looking to party all night 🙂

Love the healthy energy w/out the crash or jitters

If you want a great energy drink with lots of B Vitamins, look no further. Delicious too! I travel with these and add them to mixed drinks! Such a good, clean and healthy way to get energized and focused. Too much coffee is not good and expensive!

Team PURPLE baby! by MelanieN

Love the Grape flavor and the clarity & focus I get, all without the jitters. Taste great as a summer drink with a bunch of Ice too!!

Great before a workout! by Phil and SueG

I love taking one of these shots before spin class. It gives me the extra boost of energy for a great ride.

Stay Woke

Love Awake for those times when you just need that shot of energy. I find awake doesn’t give effect me the negative effects ex. my heart racing like those other 3 hr energy drinks..awake keeps ya going Taste great too

My Fav is Grape! by BarryG 

I love these little shots of energy, I am not a big coffee drinker but can always use some extra energy, especially in the afternoon about 2-3 hours after lunch. These little shots do the job! And there is no sugar in them, I really like that! Grape is definitely my favorite!! And the energy I get from the B-Vitamins is not overpowering at all, but they get me through the rest of my afternoon and evening and I don’t feel the crash that I do with other energy shots and drinks. Simply pure energy!

The BEST for energy while on the go! by REBECCAC 

We keep AWAKE Energy Shots in each car, so when traveling and sleepiness is not a good thing, we pop an AWAKE energy shot and good to keep going and going. No crash and B Vitamins!

My favorite

I cannot live without it during my busy week.

Love Love Love by DorothyB 

This product does the job without the crash!! Love the B vitamins and other goodness! Always have one when traveling for a quick pick me up!

Alertness by MichaelD

Awake shots work very quickly and give me focus and alertness

My teens switched to Awake Shots by AprilM 

My son who is 19 was drinking the Monster drinks regularly especially before work and my 16 year old was sipping on Mt. Dew while getting ready for school which made me crazy because those are so unhealthy so I am very happy they love the Awake shots and no longer drink the other stuff and I no longer worry.


I always take Awake shots before I step inside the gym. After 5 mins. on the treadmill I start running until I get to my maximum speed, 6.0 for 45mins. this keeps u going, u don’t even feel so tired, then I move on to the elliptical machine and do another 30mins. LEVEL 12. after cardio I go do my weight exercises. For 2-3hrs. working out, I love the feeling of not being so tired and weak. Juz remember to stay hydrated…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Great product

No shakes or jitters after using this


I’m loving these Awake bottles and the constant level of alertness and no crash, like Monster, Rockstar and 5-hour drinks.

It is working for me! by JolisaD

I usually have an afternoon sleepy time. I took this after lunch and I had so much energy to get my work done. Hopefully my body doesn’t get use to. I got the grape flavor and for some reason it taste like medicine to me so next time I am going to order the orange flavor.


This is literally the ONLY energy enhancing product that works on me. Redbull, Monster, Rockstar..none of those work for me, not to mention they give me an upset stomach. AWAKE really does keep me awake and there’s no let down afterwards, no stomachache, plus it tastes great. it’s the perfect amount of energy and it lasts me all day!

Spring in my step

Great product, compared to 5-hour. Works BETTER, for me, and taste better, too. Reasonably priced, considering the quality and ingredients.

Great Taste without the crash! by brandonp 

I’ve been a fan of Redbull for a long time, but this (AWAKE) exceeded my expectations. With redbulls I would get the crash at the end, along with gitters. However, AWAKE will give you that same great boost without the crash at the end (sugar count). I’ve never looked back since! favorite is the grape 🙂

Health Energy by ChristineG 

I absolutely love this product. I was always skeptical of energy shots because of health risks, its contents as most of all the crashing that is expected to happen. Fortunately, Awake breaks the mold. All organic content, no crashing, works quickly even if your really sick and have absolutely no energy its the best thing to get you back up on your feet. The flavors are tasty and I cant wait until more flavors are available. I have a dance team that travels and we have used it before dancing when we had back to back shows. It was a life saver.

Customer Reviews for Turn Up (from SHOP.COM):

The best for focus and sprint Triathlon training!

I just love this healthy drink for focus and energy without jitters or a “crash.” I love the flavor too. Tastes like a pez drink and takes care of any sugar cravings the healthy way. My husband drinks this before every workout religiously. He competes in sprint triathlons and loves the vitamins and branched amino acids in this drink. His training and endurance have improved already.

LOVE THIS! by MelanieN

Tastes GREAT!! LOVE THIS Stuff! It’s full of B-Vitamins, Isotonic Delivery for rapid delivery and results!!

Favorite Part of my Day by PaulaM

When you feel tired or unfocused..Turn Up is my go to drink. It’s become my favorite time of the day for afternoon slump..Brings you back to Ready to go.. without the jitters like other energy drinks..Tastes so Good..comes in a easy to use powder packet, can take anywhere.. add it to your bottled water

Long lasting energy with no crash by Sarah and DanielT

Once you understand xanthones, it’s all you’ll want to use for your energy! It’s a more sustained energy than caffeine and because this product is isotonic, it feels as if it works instantly! I like this better than energy drinks, since those are loaded with sugar, and this is not. Turn Up for the win!!!

ENERGY! by StaceyB

This is my go-to for extra energy needed throughout the day! Working as a critical care nurse it helps tremendously!

ENERGY through the roof! by StaceyB 

These are great for that afternoon slump or anytime you need a pick me up! I am currently going back to school for my master’s degree and these are a lifesaver!

Turn Up by TrytonL 

I use Turn Up every day in college to help stay awake to study. Also take it before cheer practice in the morning. Easy to carry with me. Love the taste.

Sustained Energy, Vitamins when I Travel

Turn Up is TSA friendly and saves me the trouble of carrying my supplements or energy boosters. This gives me sustained energy throughout the day with the added benefit of vitamins and minerals.

Fast Acting by RobertD 

Have been using this product for 2 weeks, I take 1 packet on empty stomach with 8 oz. water as directed and notice an instant increased alertness and energy within minutes. Does what it says.


I have been using these for myself and my clients. I experience a Sustained Balanced Energy Throughout The Day. Packets make it travel and TSA friendly. Turn Up contains ingredients from other Isotonix supplements I use so I may start the day with a Daily Essentials Kit then take a turn up if I have something to go to later in the day or early evening and need freshening up. This morning I took a Turn Up as my morning supplement. I find that although it contains 25 mg of green tea, it does not interfere with my sleep when I am ready to sleep. All in all a very good Nutraceutical…try it!

Wow, the Isotonix Essentials TURN UP is excellent! by WilliamS 

I started using this product several days ago in midafternoon when I’m feeling a little tired. Wow, in about 15 minutes I am at a much higher and sustained energy level. I’m ready to take things head on once again. Also, it doesn’t have the crash that comes with coffee and caffeine. I highly recommend this product!

Energy for workouts-fast! by LindaM 

I love this product! It really does rev me up in the morning. I mix with OPC-3 Beauty Blend and add D-3 and a turmeric capsule. Then off to Pilates about 30 minutes later-I’m awake and ready to work hard! Replaced the Multi for me.

Great Health Boost

I take this in the afternoon if I feel myself getting tired. Love how it gives me a nice boost, more mental clarity. Much healthier than coffee or other caffeine choices. Nice fruity taste too!!

Used during my yoga… by DebL 

I decided to use this during my 1 1/2 hours of Bikram (think HOT) yoga. Was a great choice for me to help get my through the workout.

Love the energy and focus by MaY 

Love this new product!!! Gives me the energy I need right away and also kept me focus at the same time too.

BEST EVER!! by LarryP

It is by far the best energy supplement i’ve taken. At 58 years of age i don’t want a jittery heart racing experience.This does not! and there’s no Crash. I highly recommend it and so do my customers.

Great Energy! Turn Up!

This is easily the cleanest form of energy and preworkout I’ve ever had in the past 5-6 years. Such a great new product and tastes just like acai. Highly recommend you try it!


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