July 18th, 2019

Starting the Pattern with Evaluation approach, No Decision Close to Give Birth to an ABC Pattern and Imprinting Geese.

When it comes to priming the pump, overcoming inertia or changing chickens into ducks and ducks into geese there are some important little points and realizations that make a huge difference that you must keep in mind.

Ok, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink until they are thirsty enough and sometime that means doing it the wrong way and wasting a lot of time. Unfortunately, sometimes they blame it on the business and quit. Unfortunately, it is human nature to NOT listen to people closest to us or with the greatest interest—right or wrong.

There is no reason why any UFO that wants to try again as well as any UFO that wants to try and start again or any new UFO just starting cannot do 2 per week.  This is especially true of people wo made some money before or have some experience and are true believers and knows it works and proved   they could “dance” and do the Evaluation approach with … SO, we know these people are capable. It is a matter of overcoming inertia and doing it differently than a chicken.

However; Unfortunately, when someone does not continue doing 2 per week and having people evaluate it and then people lead to people with the no decision close and seeing three times into a trial run which is what turns into the ABC pattern (“gives birth to one”)  2 things happen:

1) Their group duplicates them, and no one continues do it and they become victims of “activation ejaculation”.  Things slow down to a crawl and there are no new people evaluating it and people do not lead to people.

2) They lose or do not leverage the power of the Binary plan and vertical system with exponential growth and everyone benefiting with 100% credit without dilution.  The evaluation technique and no decision close by qualifying by getting people to evaluate it set something in motion that carries in motion and becomes imprinting or the DNA and RNA that replicates it.  If everyone in a new trial run and ABC patter continues doing JUST 2 EVALUATIONS APPROACHES per WEEK from the list of 100 they will have done 104 in a year and even the  worst of communicators (lacking confidence and credibility) will still end up with 8 or more go now’s in a year – and everyone benefits in the line. If they are TEAMING up with experienced senior partners and the senior partners see those people the UFO or Prospect doing the evaluation approach and who they are leading to as THEIR OWN people, then they  probably will want to jump in and help and add power, believability and credibility to what the newer person is saying. It makes sense for them to do this and they become the expert from afar that they UFO doing know and has the “connections with”! Yes, the senior partner can be the “expert from afar” or the “more successful connection” that the new UFO doing 2 per week is “connected to” … People do not believe the new guy can make them successful or can offer a 6-figure income, but they do believe they may have the connections. Do you understand and agree? However, this is not going to happen at all or even start if they do not even have the list of 100 – they cannot possibly do it!  Where is the list?   The result of doing this produces a new synergy and multiplication of new UFO’s in the leg at the bottom that everyone above benefits from and should assist with.  If you start with 4 in a leg and they all do it there will be 32 right there, But if those 32 do it for a year at the same time the UFO’s leading to people, there are 256 GoNows by the end of a year and a Director is possible with several professionals and supervising and nationals below in the group.  This is actually what happened to people who do make it.  If they look back, they will recall a period of time (3 months) that people were coming in so fast that they could not keep up with it. 

However, one snag is that everyone is not good at it in the beginning and lack confidence and kind of apologize for it and act like they need the person.  It is like a dog knows when you are scared of it,  They need experiential learning and that is the only real learning——So a senior partner doing 3 ways with them and call workshops or going to see people by doing “drop in’s” or  spontaneous “drop by visits” –only to do a overview or high level appealing description and then starting the process by getting with them to get some people to evaluate it and see the plan where we do the “no decision close”, seeing it 3 times and  then getting others to evaluate it into the trial run.   This eventually gives birth to an ABC pattern and a Geese procession in V formation.

Here is the hard part that people need to psychologically get, embrace and understand or internalize.   Understand that people have to qualify in this process and try to get UFO’s doing this to understand that we are eliminating those that do not qualify in the process just like is done with people who apply for college, apply for a job, audition for a play or musical go out for a sport. You just do not take on hire, partner with, accept or want the 1st people that walk in the door or applies without checking them out and seeing if they can perform. If you understand this you will come to know that  It works when it “does not work”  because you are eliminating the people who will not produce the right result and waste your time and you ARE finding the RIGHT people (only need 2 to 4 leading to people and starting the process to succeed in a big way).

I can tell you that this is the way Elizabeth Weber thinks and does it.

Remember that when one does this –even if they do it right it will only catch or get the results and pattern going in 2 out of 10. Timing has a lot to do with it.  You can’t do 2 and judge whether it is working.  You have to do 10, measure the results and get help and tweak it or team up to get the result.  BUT IF YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE THE LIST OF 100 & IF YOU ARE NOT DOING 2 SIMPLE EVALUATION APPROACHES A WEEK YOU ARE NOT EVEN DOING WHAT IT TAKES TO HELP YOU OR TO POSSIBLY CHANGE THINGS OR LEAD TOT EH RIGHT PEOPLE.  In the end – you cannot determine how well you did or if it worked before you do 100.  Then we can judge if you work and if it worked.

Evaluation approaches does not mean showing the plan, even getting them to a meeting, or leading to people. All it means is calling them with a reason why they might know the right people that makes sense to them and then that is the reason they should see the overview and if they like it lead us to some people to evaluate it to see if they are right for it and if it works for them.  But if someone will not even do that, when we will help them, what do they expect.  They do not deserve to make 6 figures.

When doing this the leg will grow and multiply and people will make money. Do not stop until 2 or more people are making more money than they are willing to give up and it has imprinted people leading to people.

When people do not do it- it ends up being a process of occasionally getting one person in at a time and hope they do it or find someone and very few do and 10% grow.  It is a statistic and fact of life and it is a CHOICE.  Is that what you want?  Is that what you have been doing?  And you wonder why it stopped working or you did not get result you wanted?

Also, we need to communicate that anyone who does get it going or leads to groups that do it; ALSO need to get it going again in a second position or spot (if it is not already happening and qualifying). It is important in order to show UFO pin level growth, recognition and income! SHOW ME THE MONEY! They need to do it in a 2nd leg in order to get paid and demonstrate and reboot some previous stable  growth there ‘by getting someone who wants to become a goose rather than a chicken’ and try the new way with  them  with your  help, along with senior partners benefiting. It is easier when you have it going in one leg already and you can show success and have caught the “feeling’ and know the process.  They often can be done together in combination using the COMBINATION TECHNIQUE and success breeds success and it makes it easier and faster in both legs!

To get different results you must do something differently. Incorporate this into your thinking and work in teams and JUST DO IT – try it and you will experience what I am explaining here. The great thing is you will have set in motion something that cannot be stopped!

Keep Growing,


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