January 5th, 2021

Special New Year’s Message from Loren & JR

During the recent Zoom session about the TLS #28DAYSOFWEIGHTLOSS campaign, we shared a special New Year’s message for the UFOs in attendance. This session was the perfect time to do a New Year’s message to the field since this TLS challenge is all about empowerment and creating a better/healthier you. I’ve included below an outline of our message, for those who were unable to join us on the webinar last week. I hope we can share a few meaningful thoughts for you to kick off the new year and inspire you to take action…

It is a “happy new year” when you see it as a fresh start and new beginning or an opportunity to change things and look forward to moving in a direction we decided to go and actually growing. It becomes a productive new year when we have a plan and take steps each day to accomplish those plans.

For most people it becomes a happy new year when they make it one– by deciding where they are going and making progress every day, which results in one being productive, which in our business results in one being prosperous, which allows us to enjoy the journey more and to enjoy it with others we appreciate and love!

THESE 28 DAY CHALLENGE PROGRAMS are one of the best things Loren has come up with because they are so simple and engaging and are all about focusing on one thing to change or improve that will make a difference in your business and life! They really work because it takes 28 days to create a new habit focusing on one thing or habit. Good habits are as addictive as bad habits. We live by habits and routine and we are creatures of habit.

  • But taking it one day at a time and doing with a team or group of like-minded supportive people make it fun and a social experience.  
  • Habits are addictive.
  • Good habits that get the results we want in life are as addictive as bad habits.
  • NO habits or not creating habits results in the result of being a victim of circumstance and being controlled by circumstance and environment.

The probability of getting results and succeeding go way up.  The only thing that can stop you is:  NOT doing it and starting with a team. What we set in motion caries in motion It is much easier to stick to it one day at a time and have FUN by doing it together than it is alone. Also, it provides the social interaction we are all starved of right now. Right?

Each day that we stick to it and do it, the stronger the new habit becomes until by the 28th day, it is automatic, and you have come so far that you will never go back. In fact, your identity changes and you see yourself differently as a healthy, fit, attractive, energized, growing, prosperous person.

Your identity is who you are which dictates what you DO and ultimately what you accomplish and have. The thing you used to hate to do, you now love to do. The things that used to be hard to do are now easy to do. The things that you were once afraid to do, you now do well and shine as a beacon light for others to follow.

It is just as hard then NOT to do the things that you are NOW doing & have become good at —than it used to be in the beginning to do a 28-day challenge when you first started.  You are driven to do them and actually enjoy doing them.

The same is true about the TLS challenge, the evaluation approach doing 2 per week, the Skincare challenge, or 90 DFT team program challenges. So, when people say, “Happy New Year” or “have a happy and prosperous new year;” You can reply: “Thanks, I am!”

For most people it is a meaningless cliché or saying and meaningless euphonism. But for you, it is real and your new year’s resolution will manifest by doing the 28-day programs with other positive like-minded people.

Undoubtedly, 2020 was a year of DISRUPTION. It brought things beyond our control and not anticipated.

  • Without a doubt, it requires one to adapt and adjust in order to survive and thrive and to find the opportunities in the disruption.
  • The most important thing one can realize is their number one priority and responsibility is to take care of themselves and to protect themselves and to stay healthy so when it is over you are still here and in better shape health-wise and business-wise.
  • In a way, it is a bit of the old Darwin survival of the fittest and it is about: those who are smart enough to best protect themselves (which is about the only thing that any of us can control personally) and those who are smart are using the business to grow which is perfectly adapted for these circumstances.
  • We look forward to a time when we can come back together physically in the GMTSS events and conventions: It will be a jubilant reunion and so rewarding and satisfying to embrace and celebrate with those who did it with us and we are all healthier and growing and ready to take it to another level. We do not need to start over like many other businesses.  We are simply taking off again healthier, stronger and better than ever.


Many UFOs and the company saw 2020 as an opportunity to leverage the circumstances and features of the business that are adapted for these times. The challenges of 2020 actually created opportunity to leverage the unique characteristics and advantages of our business model. We turn problems into opportunities because our business model offers solutions. Think about it:

  1. ONLINE SHOPPING AND INTERNET MARKETING: We have an advantage as an online shopping and internet marketing business. Stores, restaurants and other brick and mortar or physical locations are suffering and are difficult for consumers to use safely. We have a solution and even offer food and delicious meals delivered to your home.
  2. SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTION:  The supply chain has been disrupted as well and many things we or people need and buy as necessities are difficult to get. We offer a solution for most people. MA often can source and find a solution and UFO’s can assist customers and acquaintances in finding products and getting them delivered to the customers door by UFO’S arranging it, ordered online and shipped UPS or FedEx!

Supply chain disruption solutions:

  • As long as we do online fulfillment and ordering, and our fulfillment center remains open and we can use Fed X or UPS or shipping services we thrive.  WE THRIVE & are a SOLUTION
  • Additionally, the need for sanitation, disinfectants, anti-viral or bacterial products, or health products as well as cleaning and household products that often have become scarce and difficult to get from empty shelves in stores or even online can be and are supplied by MA with UnFranchise or shop.com and UFO’s 
  • We even come out with SA brand label of these highly demanded consumable or necessity products to make them available at lower prices and higher BV or IBV.
  • UFOs are able to assist and supply people the products they need by ordering online and can be a real solution and service to people.
  • UFO’s set people up as PC’s to offer solutions of auto ship and wait listing at top of list for BO’s to make it easier. And to get whatever they need shipped to them directly
  • UFO’s who know where to find the needed products that existing or new customers are looking for— are able to assist in through Shop.com or UnFranchise.com.

3) ZOOM evaluations and Trial Runs:  We actually accidently discovered an easier way to introduce the business and qualify people!

  • We discovered and Weber perfected the Zoom three step evaluation and trial run method to expanding the business.
  • This made the Evaluation method to get people to preview and lead to people even easier and faster.
  • We found that it is even more effective than in person and makes it easier for leaders, senior partners and sponsors to help their new people get started and succeed.
  • This discovery and aspect will never change because we have discovered that it is faster and easier to initially contact and introduce the concept to new people with the help of a senior partner.
  • It eliminates the need for going to see people or travel and physical presence and is easier to connect people in different locations immediately.  It just works better and easier.

So, the 90-day fast track can be accomplished faster working as teams and doing previews, introductions, evaluations and trial runs leading to ABC pattern by using Zoom or other online methods. 

4. People that were too busy or too closed-minded to listen are now reassessing their income security or stability and willing to listen or look at an alternative. Congratulations! You made it work. The results speak for themselves:

  • Sales are up by 25%
  • Commissions are up and growing with sales
  • New UFO’s are up by 15% 2020 which is the best in 10 years

New year’s resolution or goal? The only promise that most people keep to themselves is not to make a new year’s resolution son they do not have to keep it

JR and Loren: Our goal and objective: GET CONTROL OF OUR LIVES…

  • First: Spending time how we want to and what is most rewarding and productive
  • Second: Eliminate things that divert our attention or prevent us from being productive or to manifest our goals

We have 3 major areas and a list of 10-20 things we will accomplish in 2021. What about you?Without a mission and a purpose or a goal to set a direction for the year, one is lost or likely to become a victim of circumstance. 

  • It’s hard to get control of your life without a mission, goal, or direction
  • Without it, 2021 will be a continuation of 2020. There is no or little change.  
  • We struggle with this as much if not more than you do.

I hope you make mistakes in 2021, because if you make mistakes – then you are making new things happen, learning, living, and pushing yourself – which changes yourself – which changes your world.

Dr. Seuss: You’ll never get bored when you try something new –as there is no limit to what you can do… There are better things ahead than we leave behind—maybe this year you will finally believe and manifest it!


I cannot help but remind you of what we have taught for 28 years in the business that has proven to give you control over what happens in the coming year…  That is to revisit your goals and goal statement which has 5 points:

  1. Write down what you want from the most attainable and in reach to the biggest dreams and goals.
  2. Determine what you are willing to do in the way of time, commitment and result producing activities
  3. Break it down into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily steps.  Make sure that the daily adds you to the weekly goal and the weekly up to the monthly because 12 months equals the annual goal
  4. Write it down into a page or two statement.
  5. Read it twice a day and adjust or refine it as you go.

Make sure you find and engage a senior partner to do it with as it makes all the difference in the world. If you want it to be a sure thing with a playbook, game plan and exact execution strategy that everyone on your team and upline are working together on. 

Develop it with a senior partner or EST executive member a strategic action plan of where everyone will work in the organization to get people below top the next level which automatically causes you to rose to the next UFO earning and pin level.

If you want to do this and do not know how write to an EST member or me and we will see to it that you get an experienced pro guiding and partnering with you. Let’s make it a happy, productive, and prosperous new year. Make it your year – the year that you changed everything! The year you made it.

Keep Growing, 

JR and Loren Ridinger


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