January 16th, 2020

Special Message from Jim Winkler About the Evaluation Approach and No-Decision Close

Team I’d like to share with you a special message from our Vice President of Sales, Jim Winkler, about utilizing the evaluation approach and no decision close to build UnFranchise success. His insights and explanations help everyone understand these concepts which are central to your success as an UnFranchise Owner and help make the recruiting aspect of business building easier to understand and execute. Be sure to share this information with your team, especially new UnFranchise Owners who could benefit from it! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

The Evaluation Approach and the No-Decision Close

By Jim Winkler, Vice President, Sales

Approaching prospects about the UnFranchise Business can be one of the hardest parts of our business. We worry about rejection or putting pressure on a friend that could strain a relationship. Even making the phone call or text becomes harder.  

Let’s simplify the process. Our goal should be to contact at least two people a week about our business. When you approach people, ask them to “evaluate” the business for you to see if they know the correct people. Of course, when they do evaluate it, they may be interested personally as well. By using the evaluation approach, you remove the worry about being rejected and take all the pressure off yourself and your prospect. If the fear of rejection and worry about pressure are removed, people will naturally contact more people. If you contact more people, they will lead to more qualified prospects.  

How do we move a person who is interested to the next step of the business? We use the “no-decision close” method. At the end of the presentation, let the prospect know that there is no decision to make today. All they need to do is work with you to get a couple of other people to evaluate the business. If a few of them are interested, this becomes a no-brainer for the prospect you are working with. Again, this takes all the pressure off trying to get them registered in the business and instead allows you to get to their people very quickly.  

If you incorporate using the evaluation approach and the no-decision close into your business and have two prospects evaluate it each week, you will be moving to new UnFranchise Levels in no time.  

See you at the top! 

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