April 11th, 2018

Special Message from Dennis Franks: TLS Leading the Weigh Spring Challenge

Team, I’d like to share with you now a very special update from Dennis Franks – where he discusses a tremendous new TLS campaign that will help you “lead the weigh.” This is a great business building campaign for UFOs to utilize so I suggest you pay close attention to what Dennis has to say…


Calling all GoNow UnFranchise®Owners (UFOs) and TLS®Coaches! Supercharge your business by “Leading the Weigh” and win new customers and new qualified prospects to grow your UnFranchise Business. Show your team that “Your Action Is Your Instruction.”

It’s easy and you can invite your team to join you. Taking a theme of a success challenge that Motives®offered — do 30 faces in 30 days — we challenge you to introduce TLS products and programs to 30 new Preferred Customers while doing a minimum of four TLS events that include any or all of the TLS Home Overview, the TLS Trim Tea Party/Overview, or the TLS Detox Home Presentation. You can also include one-on-ones and two-on-ones in addition to the four TLS events to meet the 30-person challenge.

You can team up with other UFOs but each UFO must have their own 30 preferred customers. A Preferred Customer can only be counted once. However, a TLS overview can be hosted by three different UFOs or TLS Coaches, and that TLS overview would count toward the minimum of four TLS events for each UFO host.

The Leading the Weigh Challenge begins April 1 and ends April 30. All information must be submitted by May 10 to findyourfit@marketamerica.com.Begin by filling out the enrollment sheet available on UnFranchise.com> Downloads > Support Materials > Category: TLS > Subcategory: Challenges and emailing it during the enrollment period, March 20–31. You can read the official rules and qualifications at the TLS blog.

This Challenge is available to UFOs registered in the United States and Canada. Five winners will be selected based on total TLS sales April 1–30 to their 30 Preferred Customers, as well as personal orders of TLS products. To win you must have submitted an enrollment sheet, tracking sheet and all requested information.

What exciting times! Challenge yourself and lead by example. Push to maximize your potential. What you believe you can achieve.

See you at the top!

-Dennis Franks

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