Special Message from Dennis Franks: Stay In The Game

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already here, and with it the 2019 Market America World Conference. Without question one of the highlights from last year’s World Conference was Dennis Franks and Vince Papale sharing their incredible new book – The Last Laugh: Vision to Victory.

This book is like a blueprint for success and a motivational powerhouse with incredible insights from leaders in wide variety of industries. Dennis recently wrote an incredible article on his website, DennisFranks.com, which I felt I should share here because of the powerful and apropos message he has to share about getting in the game and staying there!

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines with your UnFranchise Business this may be exactly what you need to spark that billionth of a volt and make it happen! This is a great piece to share with your team as we ring in the new year – so be sure to grab your copy of The Last Laughtoday on SHOP.COM! In the meantime, check out this incredible message from Dennis…



As a kid I played all kinds of sports, but my passion was football. I didn’t want to just play high school or college ball. I wanted to play with the NFL. I knew if I could get just make that team and GET IN THE GAME, life would be awesome.

In the NFL I truly learned what it means to stay in the game.

Staying the game, meant enduring the training. NFL training camp was brutal. Those hot summer three-a-days of running, blocking and tackling; the film study at the end of the day, where the coach pointed out every mistake you made… There were days I was tempted to give up.  But I didn’t. I stayed in the game and enjoyed some exhilarating moments, unmatched by any other feeling I’ve ever had.

The lessons I learned in the NFL apply to being an UnFranchise owner. Unlike the NFL, getting on the UFO team is pretty easy. You pay a few bucks, you buy a few products and you’re in.

But then comes the tough part – training and weathering the losses, getting up and doing it again.

That is when the temptation to quit hits hard. Some do quit. But I am here to tell you, the rewards are ahead if, and only if, you stay in the game.

I recently co-authored a book, The Last Laugh. It contains a code, called the Victors Code. That code offers a proven system for staying in the game. Vince Papale and I wrote it with YOU in mind.

The first step toward getting in the UFO game is, let me be blunt here, “get your ass off that bench and get in the game!” Unlike the NFL, where you have to be invited to the field, YOU have an open invitation to get out there and show us what you got. Not only are you welcome to the field, you will be cheered on and recognized every step of the way.

So, what’s keeping you on the bench? Self-doubt? Fear of rejection? Fear of failure? Trust me, everyone, from JR, the corporate team to our top achievers, have dealt with those same feelings.

The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t? Super achievers don’t wait for feelings to align before they get in the game. They understand that action precedes motivation.

  • They have strong reason why they want to reach their goal.
  • Their why gets them off the bench and into the game.
  • Taking Action stokes motivation.

When faced with the temptation to quit they remind themselves of their “Why?” They get up and do it again. That’s what ‘staying in the game’ looks like.

Here are some great insights from THE LAST LAUGH on how to stay in the game:

“Attack each day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”Jim Harbaugh, former NFL Quarterback. Head coach of the Michigan Wolverine

“Find that place, those people and those activities that amplify your sense of purpose – that awakens and stoke your personal power.” Mariel Hemingway– academy award nominated actress, author and activist

“I have an affirmation. I can!  I will!  I must! This affirmation creates energy and determination.” Helie Lee– author of Still Life with Rice which documents the story of how she helped her relatives escape North Korea.

“In the new world of social media there is a high potential to read negative stuff about yourself. The negative stuff can do one of two things. It can create self-doubt, or it can motivate you. I am the type of person who uses negativity as motivation. Tell me I can’t and then watch me work twice as hard to prove you wrong.”  Heather Mitt, Olympic Gold medalist in Soccer


Best of all, JR Ridinger, business visionary and founder of Market America said:

“What keeps me vehement? I know I can change the world by helping people change their economic future.”


Write that down, UFOs. Post that quote where you can see it. You too can change the world, by helping people change the economic future; but not unless you GET IN THE GAME and STAY there.

-Dennis Franks