Social Media Questionnaire for Market America Brands

Team, we’ve got a great new initiative to share with you which will allow you to have a direct input on our overall social media strategies for the Market America brand pages. Below you’ll find links to some very important social media questionnaires – and your input with these questionnaires will ultimately help us deliver better content that’s more tailored for your interests and business needs.

We sincerely value your input as UnFranchise Owners and thank everyone for taking part in these questionnaires to help us make our social media channels for our brands and business even more successful! Below you will find links to our various social media questionnaires – I urge everyone to share your input while also sharing this with your team so others can also contribute their thoughts and ideas. This is what teamwork is all about!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


Social Media Questionnaires:

·      SHOP.COM

·      Market America

·      Shopping Annuity

·      TLS Weight Loss

·      Isotonix

·      DNA Miracles

·      nutraMetrix

·      Motives Cosmetics

·      Lumiere de Vie

·      maWebCenters