Social Media In Plain English

Wanted to take a moment and share this with everyone.  This is an incredibly compelling, but simple piece that explains how social media and social networks work in today’s environment and why they are better than advertising!  I think that anyone who understands our business or the way organizations of UFO’s and customers work should be able to see how this is a powerful tool and perfect fit for the Unfranchise® business system and community.

I encourage you to use this throughout your presentations and teachings as well as to virally market it by explaining it on your own social networking profiles or blogs and even emailing it to people with some key points to get light bulbs to go off.

This goes a long way to casting the spotlight on how Market America’s Facebook application called ma network works and why it is a valuable tool and platform within our community to be able to reach out to the 400 million Facebook users to fill the bean jar. I think it also helps bring the power of recommendations and reviews into focus.

The next step from that is doing 1:1 marketing with it by using the data in each customers profile to serve up different recommendations to each customer, which we are doing. I would be interesting in hearing in what you learned, how you can use this, how we should use it and any results, responses or feedback you receive. I feel this can turn some light bulbs on for the baby boomers and technologically slow or handicapped. Open this and watch. It is SHORT and in plain English!!!

Keep growing!

-JR Ridinger