Social Media has Evolved, Market America Announces the Launch of Chatterbox Taiwan and Hong Kong

Social media has been the hottest trend on the Internet for the past couple of years. Social media like Facebook, Tencent and YouTube, have created a platform for businesses and customers to interact with one another on a scale never before seen. Customers review products, share products they love with their friends, and stay connect with the brands they are loyal to.

Over the past year, Market Taiwan and Market Hong Kong have added numerous social media tools for their UnFranchise® Owners to use. From each Customer Manager’s web portal, UFOs can share their favorite products with their friends and family on over 200 social networking sites through the share with friends feature that is available on ma-branded product pages. With one click, you can share OPC-3® with all of your friends on Facebook.

When your friends click on the product displayed on their Facebook News Feed, they will be taken directly to your Portal where they can purchase the product (as long as the person clicking on the item is not already a UFO or Preferred Customer of another UFO. In that case, they would be sent to their Customer Manager’s portal). Market Taiwan and Market Hong Kong have also build fan pages on Facebook so fans can talk about products, upcoming events, and so much more.

None have been as big as our latest innovation!

On Thursday, April 29, Market Taiwan and Market Hong Kong launched our own social networking community, ma® Chatterbox™ in their respective countries.


Users can:

  • Upload photos and videos
  • Share their personal and business experiences
  • Update their status through microblogging
  • Network with other UnFranchise Owners across Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Keep up-to-date with their sales organizations

Just to name a few features…

Our physical social network now has its own virtual social networking platform that UFOs and Customer Managers can use to build their networks and stay up-to-date on all that is going on within Market Taiwan and Market Hong Kong.

This is only the beginning. Many exciting new features will be continuously added, including giving Customer Managers the ability to access multiple social networking profiles all from one ma Chatterbox account.

Taiwan Unfranchise owners visit:

Hong Kong Unfranchise owners visit:

Sign up today using your personal Preferred Customer login information. It’s free, simple, and a lot of fun.

Keeping growing,

-JR Ridinger