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May 4th, 2012

Skip the Rat Race

Around this time of year, a fresh crop of college graduates leave school to begin careers they hope will ultimately lead to the American Dream. In the past, college grads were essentially given the keys to the kingdom, with a plethora of job offers to choose from and a wide variety of highly-rewarding careers at their fingertips – but times have changed.


With high unemployment, the job market is as cutthroat as ever – making it harder for college grads to land the job of their dreams. The interesting thing is, even if you manage to find what you believe to be a “dream job,” you’re still basically just lining the pockets of those you work for. What’s even worse is the unbelievable amount of student debt college grads have amassed – just to have the chance to make someone else rich.


As recent college graduates are finding out – the 45 year plan is a one way street to nowhere. Many graduates leave school with a tremendous burden of debt – and according to this recent article from the Huffington Post, there’s a good chance many grads will still carry $20,000 of student debt into middle age. Talk about a bad 45 year plan!



You don’t have to waste your life away working in a cubicle just to make your boss rich – you have a way out. The UnFranchise Business system offers those who possess an entrepreneurial spirit with the opportunity to build a business that generates ongoing income. We provide you with all the technology and tools you need to build your business – and you provide the passion.


You can either spend 45 years wallowing in the misery of the rat race – going nowhere fast, or you can take a stand and start building an UnFranchise business today.  Are you ready to skip the rat race and start working toward YOUR future? Visit today to find out more about this life-changing opportunity.

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