Sign of the Times: Fulfillment by Amazon Adding Fuel and Inflation Surcharge

With inflation and fuel costs going higher and higher, it would appear some retailers are prepared to pass that right along to the sellers with fuel and inflation surcharges. In fact, I recently read on Engadget where Amazon plans do add a fuel & inflation surcharge for transactions involving their Fulfillment by Amazon service. This is coming on the heels of another price increase in January where they upped their fulfillment fees by around 5%. 

This really is a sign of the times and an indicator that shoppers could soon experience more of these types of charges and price increases which will eventually trickle down to the consumer level. It’s already done that to a certain degree, but I have a feeling many retailers are adopting strategies which will help them offset some of the addition expenses concerning inflation and high fuel prices. 

There’s only so much the supply chain can absorb until the cost is passed on directly to the consumers – but fortunately for Market America & SHOP.COM we’ve foreseen many of these changes and strengthened our entire supply chain process. 

By optimizing everything we do we’ve been able to absorb the bulk of the cost associated with todays economic challenges without adversely impacting our customers or UnFranchise Owners. You can rest assured that our entire executive team works tirelessly to maximize UFO’s profitability while also delivering the best products at the best possible prices for consumers. 

We’re committed to helping everyone navigate the economic uncertainty by leveraging our collective buying power and the brilliant business model behind it all! In times like these, I’m extremely thankful for the UnFranchise!!! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 


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