SHOPtacular Summer Sale on SHOP.COM

Team, we’ve just launched a brand new promotion on SHOP.COM which is sure to give you business a boost this summer. SHOP.COM’s SHOPtacular Summer Sale is the perfect opportunity build you business with a retail windfall! We’re starting summer right with 20% off on all OneCart® and Market America products – making this the perfect time to share the products you love! Not to mention – it’s a tremendous way to fuel your Shopping Annuity!

Just use your Mastercard® with Click to Pay at checkout to get 20% Off your order.* Look for the Click to Pay icon 

SHOPtacular Summer Sale

Plus, to make the SHOPtacular sale even more spectacular, we have worked with several of our OneCart stores to get your Preferred Customers additional savings that they can stack with the 20% off savings mentioned above. You and your Preferred Customers shopping on SHOP.COM can get these offers on qualifying orders starting June 21 while supplies last.

How to Use Click to Pay on SHOP.COM to get the discount: 

  1. Add your favorite products to your cart on SHOP.COM.
  2. Select the checkout button with the Click to Pay icon.
  3. Enter your Mastercard information. For returning users, select the returning user tab and enter the email address associated with your Click to Pay profile. New users can enter their credit card information to get started.
  4. Review your Mastercard information and confirm your order to get 20% off.

Why you should be promoting to your customers & UFOs: 

  • The 20% off discount is not funded by UFOs. SHOP.COM has a partnership with Mastercard. SHOP.COM is using co-marketing funds which have been provided to us as part of our partnership with Mastercard to offer the discount.
  • This is an opportunity for you and your customers to get 20% off on SHOP.COM on OneCart and Market America branded products, for a limited time! UFOs can also get 20% off on Market America & OneCart products on SHOP.COM. Your customers will be able to get 20% off on Shopping Annuity & Super IBV products on SHOP.COM. UnFranchise Owners are not eligible to receive the discount on Shopping Annuity or Super IBV products on SHOP.COM.
  • The discount is treated more like a rebate. While we call it a discount on SHOP.COM it’s actually considered a rebate. We treat the 20% off like a payment code, so it comes off the order total like when a customer uses a gift card to pay for their order. Therefore, the UFO is still getting the full retail profit for the sale, as retail profit is not affected by the discount.
  • iTransact UFOs will receive the amount in their COA just like they currently do when a customer pays with Cashback or gift cards, so the UFO will not be penalized in that case either.
  • UFOs will not lose any of the BV associated with the sale of a Market America product, since it is treated like a gift card or Cashback redemption. The UFO will receive the full BV amount from the sale, just like normal.
  • They can get extra savings on participating one cart stores by stacking the coupons and the Mastercard/Click to pay promo.

Download and share this asset with your Preferred Customers for our SHOPtacular Sale: The link to this promotion is here:

*Terms apply. Must pay with a Mastercard in the Click to Pay payment feature to receive the discount. Maximum discount of $20.00. The 20% off promotion ends June, 23, 2021, or while supplies last.

**UnFranchise Owners will not be able to get the discount on Shopping Annuity Brand products.