June 14th, 2018

SHOP Local & Exxon Mobil Deal Ending Early Due to Massive Participation

Team, I have some important news to share regarding our SHOP Local special promotion with Exxon Mobil. During the past few weeks we’ve seen an absolutely monumental participation rate with this promotion among our UnFranchise Owners, and as a result of this unprecedented participation the Exxon Mobil team and SHOP Local have decided to end this promotion early. We realize this promotion was originally slated to run until July 10th, but the simple fact is we utilized our promotional funds faster than anticipated due to the massive interest in this promotion.

While this news will obviously disappoint many UnFranchise Owners, there is truly a silver lining to this situation which should really encourage and galvanize everyone. We essentially did too well on this promotion and we went through the volume they had set aside faster than expected. While this particular promotion may have ended early, this is a HUGE indicator to both Exxon Mobil as well as other potential partners as to the massive buying power our UFOs wield on a daily basis. While you may feel disappointed now – trust me – this was a massive success!

We are already working on new promotions in the future to help everyone discover new ways to fuel the Shopping Annuity and grow their business – and are cultivating new partnerships with amazing companies like Exxon Mobil – so stay tuned for more updates and additional promotions which empower UFOs and help everyone maximize their Shopping Annuity!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

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