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November 25th, 2011

SHOP.COM : Holiday Shopping Made Easy

This PDF is a must-know item for the shopping season for all Consultants. has done an amazing job on merchandising and making the site user friendly and content rich for the ultimate shopping experience. You need to be familiar with what is being done and how to use it.  OPEN THE PDF AND TAKE A LOOK. Then go online and find it. That is your BASIC 5 retailing homework assignment.

All of your partners and PC’s should know about this. This is an opportunity to have customers and friends and family shopping parties as well as getting every PC’s , family member’s, and friend’s holiday shopping list – and helping them comparison shop, get Cashback, and find the best deal. Be their personal shopper, shop consultant and guide on the site. Everyone has to shop. Make them aware of the special deals and the list of special offers on today on Black Friday.  This is what building the business is all about!

You can get their list and do your homework (go online and search and find what they want) and come back to them with great deals, suggestions and solutions and provide a wonderful service, save them money and get new customers as well as people to rely on you and appreciate you for what you do for them. But you have to act now! Lead by example and duplicate this in your group. Anyone who missed the IBV Advertising bonus pool because they did not have enough  online orders through partners can remedy that and qualify going forward by doing this now.

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