February 9th, 2018

How SHOP.COM Is Changing the World

UnFranchise superstar Ryan Stack recently created an excellent presentation to help explain what our business does and what we are leading the parade. Ryan does a great job explaining how we are building a new economy of the future through our revolutionary tracking system. But the truth is this is another major aspect of our system that makes it such an economic powerhouse – Digital Aggregation.

Ryan is on point in this video as to the economics of the shopping annuity and the impact it can is very true. The tracking system is revolutionary and makes this possible. There is one other aspect that leverages economically. It is “digital aggregation” where we can interact based on what our assessment tool data shows that all SA Members have completed what people currently spend and help them get it for less and credit for their shopping annuity income.

Being that the organization and sales are tracked and monetized we can poll, receive request, data mine for commonalities and use the collective buying power of large numbers to force prices down and income credit up. Not everyone wants the same thing and buys differently and still get exactly what they want — but there are commonalities of tens of thousands or 100’s of thousands buying the same product allowing us to create economic muscle through commonalities that are the same for a set of SA members around the world which aggregates into large numbers.

When “polled” or ‘surveyed’ and products are narrowed to ones most people will buy. A final vote to keep he product available on Shop.com or Unfranchise.com and simultaneously push the price down and income credit (BV/IBV) higher is ordering the product rather than a higher priced one on line or in stores.

Because we are tied together digitally and in monetized network rather than being separated geographical and by time zone separation.  No longer does such a barrier or reality of separation exist and we can change the mass marketing paradigm by acting together as one. As Ryan mentioned, we can create or take back our own economy. This is an idea whose time has come.

This concept of digital aggregation is the catalyst to speed up the process and to reach numbers necessary for leverage and economies of scale. A catalyst speeds up a process 100’s to 1000’s of times and in a model like this can become exponential. This model which Ryan hits the bulls eye on requires large numbers to be as effective as possible. He speaks about the probable advertising cost and competition on line and supply and demand dynamics. This is our solution to that where we can leverage numbers and economies of scale on any product or products. This is the trigger to the “loyalty” and economic benefit factor which he points to as our advantage.  This leverages that advantage. Therefore, it is very important to participate in polls, surveys, and actively converting spending into earning by buying the products identified or offered that one already buys, but for less money and making that spending into $ in a vehicle that will yield a return and income!

Bear in mind that there are 6 elements that are necessary for the Shopping Annuity model described by Ryan to become a reality leading to a paradigm shift.

  1. Monetarized Network that all shopping/spending can be tracked (160,000 entrepreneurs and 6 million customers connected) and credit for sales done personally and anyone who is lead to directly or indirectly can be accumulated to pay residual income. This can also include customer to customer tracking and digitally ties them to each other and the UFO or SA member permanently.
  2. Universal shopping Cart allowing 1000’s or name brand merchants or suppliers (MA products, Partners, One-cart and affiliates to all be sold on line and credit it to the SA UFO member. There is one back end but every UFO has their own web site or on-line store It allows orders from multiple vendors or suppliers, pays the supplier, determines if the ordered product is in inventory, compares prices, and is a 360 degree turn key e-commerce on line shopping site. It also tracks the sales to each vendor individually from each customer by vendor or supplier as well as collectively and by each UFO SA member and anyone they lead to directly or indirectly that go to the UFO/SA members URL or Shop.com site and those they lead to. It tracks the payment, order, fulfillment, shipping, delivery, discount, retail profit if any, BV and IBV. There are only a couple/few out there like Amazon and Shop.com and others cannot track and accumulate sales volume of customers and UFO’s nor do participants have a site as Ryan mentions. NO ONE ELSE HAS THIS!
  3. Everything that one buys: 10 million products and all brand names and popular stores plus MA exclusive brands. Anything that we do not have and people want we are set up to add quickly. We can replace almost anything that someone buys at an equal or lower price and give them cash back and/or BV or IBV credit towards earning residual income.
  4. Tracking System: (2 channels)
  • Footprint us tracked like in the “Movie story example” that JR and Management team often refers to frequently. There is no fixed structure or levels – it is totally organic following the natural thread of people leading to people without reliance on levels or matrix structures. It just records the connection of people leading to people naturally just like in life or your current circle of friends but tracks what they buy or order.   No need to fill out levels, redistribute product, build width or horizontally, or to force symmetry.
  • Venders, Partners, Brands, Merchants and MA brand are also tracked and metrics provided. MA and Shop.com knows the total aggregated sales for each vendor and the sales per each product and what the customer profile is that is ordering and what customer’s shopping or buying history individually and collectively.  This allows MA to aggregate the numbers for volume and economies of scale or “muscle” to negotiate better process and commission or margin share to reduce price and increase BV or IBV.
  • When these two are combined it creates monetization to the SA member and a residual income and a residual income in addition to the savings realized through collective buying power giving us the numbers necessary to  negotiate process down and a bigger piece of the margin credited to SA members in the form of social currency which converts into a residual income.
  1. Assessment Tool Technology to identify spending by category and product in order to get granular per participant and to identify and match the “people to right products and products to the people who want them and order them. Without this there is a lower conversion of spending into earning because people do not know where the money went or exactly what they are buying. It is a blur and nebulous. This also allows us to match the best values to each person.
  2. Financial vehicle or Technology to generate income from accumulated spending while saving money at same time. This allows us to convert the shopping and spending each individual does and their footprint of what they lead to directly or indirectly into residual income using the MPCP as a financial instrument yielding a return on aggregated sales of each member and their footprint. NO ONE ELSE HAS THIS OR CANDO IT.

It is an idea whose time has come and we can and will make it happen together!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger



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    Great explanation and easy to share with my prospects.

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