February 11th, 2020

Sharing Your Feedback from MAWC2020

One of my favorite aspects of big events like World Conference is the fact it gives me the opportunity to interact with UnFranchise Owners from around the world. The feedback you share with us is a vital part of our overall event effort, and ultimately helps us deliver better, more impactful and empowering events!

I’ve included below a great collection of comments and feedback where UFOs have shared their thoughts and insights about various aspects of MAWC2020. These are fun to read and help show what people get out of this event. Feel free to leave me a comment and tell me about your experiences at MAWC2020! I read all of them and genuinely appreciate all the feedback! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

On MAWC2020:

  • Sheryl Duchess Thank you JR & Loren it was such an awesome event! Loved every part so much heart! Felt like the old days for me. Love all the stories from the field, very excited about the new products! Both your presentations touched so many lives!!!! 
    JR hope you feel better soon❤️
  • Lorie Swasing Rowles Such an incredible start to an action packed weekend. Thank you for all you do!!
  • Melissa Worsley You are all so appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work to ensure our success….love you all💕
  • Bonnie Philo would not be anywhere else this weekend….lets change the world with our people power!
  • Leslie Bock It was great. Don’t give up. People have been “asleep” for quite awhile, kind of like “auto pilot”. Someone of us are Waking Up!!!! Keep that Belief 💜
  • Lea Ann Rattigan It was a perfect weekend for learning. Thank you to the Market America leadership and all who work behind the scenes who make it perfect! 💕
  • Lorie Swasing Rowles Thank you for another great conference; this was the best one ever! 2020 clear vision. Lots of gold nuggets and fun times this weekend! ❤️
  • Laura Ames JR , Thank You so much for a very heart felt convention. You and Loren brought tears to my eyes more than once. God Bless the two of you and this company. 
    I am going to try and strive to bring your dreams to come true. Thank you again ❣️🙏❣️
  • Elizabeth Kent Thank you JR, Loren and the Corporate team for a wonderful Convention! The best ever!
  • Danny Shepherd Thank you JR!, for continuing in leading us to financial and well being freedom! I was not able to attend with my wife this weekend… although I’m feeling the love all the way from the snow covered roads of Wisconsin! ❤️ #mafamily#shop.comstrong #magicmoments 💪👍
  • Stephanie Chanel Ng Thank you for an incredible conference. It is time for us to implement what we learn
    We will make you proud.
  • Bernard Lafleur Thank you for great conference, very informative, all to make our business grow. And find our pot of gold.
  • Marge Manipole Szkolnik Thank you for all you, Loren, and the corporate team do for us. I hope you feel better soon! Love you and see you in Greensboro.
  • Linda Swanger-Solis JR this was an amazing conference on so many levels. Thanks to you and the whole corporate team for always giving us your best. Loren was amazing on Saturday! We will fill the room with Directors– watch us!!!😍💪❤
  • Deni Westfall Baton Absolutely JR Ridinger ! I hear you loud and clear. Thank you for being who you are and caring so much for all of us! Soaring with the Geese!!
  • Mark Bauer Sr JR, thank you for your passion to make us all directors! You are a true inspiration! And I have a feeling you and I are the same age! Damn we’re good! Looking forward to seeing you in Baltimore in April!🏆🏆🏆👌👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Mary Sigwart Hollingshead Thank you JR Ridinger, &  Loren Ridinger for another amazing convention! Introducing a new product line is exciting and can reach another group of people in my warm market. My college age daughter is extremely excited and she can’t wait to one day soon join this MA Framily‼️ 👏👏👏 💯 💯💯
  • Bonnie Hamer It was a great, encouraging conference. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and all the family of Geese that lead the way
  • Ronica Dorries Garcia For those of us who could not be there in person, thank you so much for the live zoom. It’s the next best thing to being there. I’m so excited for all I learned and can’t wait for my Pure Collagen to arrive. Thank you so much.  ♥️
  • Elaine Niemann We laughed and cried every day and leave Miami freshly determined to follow your lead. ❤️
  • Karen Chan Seet It was memorable and markedly awesome convention. Will carry on all things learned.
  • Pat Verfurth JR, I wanted to let you know that I am committed to MASTERING Trials Runs and the No Decision Close. I am taking the document and outlining it, then I will commit to memory. I am going to role play with my team and do for real until we can all do it flawlessly. I also had an idea to do “30 Evaluations in 30 Days”, a promotion that I will do to have people “help” me with. Then we will celebrate with a group registration night! This is the start of something huge! Thank you for caring so much about us. I am committed to filling the arena with Directors – “The Chairman’s ‘Why’ has become my own”. 🔥🔥🔥
  • Edward Hollingsworth It’s a long ride to get to Miami and back home but I wouldn’t have it any other way well worth it! Thank you JR Ridinger, $ Loren Ridinger for another amazing conversation, see you all in Greensboro already booked and ready to go!!
  • Alice Chiou Thank you JR and Loren for the powerful and incredible programs we had in MAWC2020! We are really blessed to have this company and great products to keep all healthy today! Take care!
  • Shaelyn Ingram Incredible weekend JR. We love you and Loren and the whole corporate team!
  • Judy Wien Yes!! Loved it. Best conference ever. Thank you for the wonderful new products too!!
  • Audra Garrison Thank you for your heart, your passion and all you do for us JR and Loren Ridinger! I pray you feel better and get some much-needed rest.  ❤️🙏
  • Michelle Ferguson Thank you JR. My brain is reprogrammed. “I can, I will and I’m going to right away!”💥
  • Bob Adams Thank you JR! This Goose is following right behind you
  • Don Martin Love you, Loren and the entire team. This is the year we change the world together.
  • Pauline Cheng Thank you JR, Loren and corporate team for the amazing World Conference!!
  • Jessica Badillo Thank YOU for another incredible conference, JR! See you in Greensboro!! ❤
  • Bruce W. Moore Thank you JR, Loren, corporate team, and all who attended MAWC2020!! ❤🥇
  • Calvin Ip Thank you so much. See you in Greensboro. 🙏❤️🎉
  • Mel Martin Thank you and the corporate team for a powerful weekend!!!
  • Butch Temnick Thank you for ALL that you and the TEAM do for US! ❤️👏👏👏
  • Michelle Leggio Thank you JR, Loren and the entire corporate team! I can honestly say this was my first Miami World Conference and by far The Most Productive event I have EVER attended!!! While in Miami, I spent the days and nights with “Like Minded” people and was the Most Relaxed I have ever been! The one song that sticks in my brain was “Welcome To My House” that was played frequently, as if JR Ridinger was welcoming The 20,000 of us (UnFranchise Owners) to His House!! Yes, I have a humongous family that I joined, my Market America family!! I am proud to be part of this Second to None Company!! I am ever so ready to “get This Party started” and improve peoples lives…”We are not a business platform, we are a Life Platform!!”
  • Michelle Monsanto Nofies Thank You JR and Loren and corporate team thank you for all you and and all that you are! May God bless you more!
  • Doris Vigil McCallie What a phenomenal weekend! Thank you for such an amazing event! 💖 I got my 3 tickets. Time to get to work. See you at MAIC2020.
  • Polly Hall Thank you for another fabulous convention!
  • Beth Zerbe Thank you JR for another awesome Convention! See you in Greensboro!!
  • Pat Verfurth JR, I wanted to let you know that I am committed to MASTERING Trials Runs and the No Decision Close. I am taking the document and outlining it, then I will commit to memory. I am going to role play with my team and do for real until we can all do it flawlessly. I also had an idea to do “30 Evaluations in 30 Days”, a promotion that I will do to have people “help” me with. Then we will celebrate with a group registration night! This is the start of something huge! Thank you for caring so much about us. I am committed to filling the arena with Directors – “The Chairman’s ‘Why’ has become my own”. 🔥🔥🔥
  • Sharon Lawrence Thank you so much for your unbelievably kind words JR Ridinger! I am still processing this enormous honor. Please thank Loren Ridinger and every member of the corporate team for me, as I didn’t have an opportunity to thank all of them. I was just too shocked and overwhelmed to process! 💖♥️💞♥️💖
  • Rich Tibbets JR, You have no idea how shocked, humbled and grateful Sharon is to have received this incredible award. 

    On a personal note, I have watched Sharon pour her heart and soul into every person she meets, wanting nothing more than to see them succeed! 
    Thank you JR Ridinger and Loren Ridinger and the entire corporate team.
  • Ann DeWitt Quigley I couldn’t agree more. We are all so very blessed to have her as a mentor, team leader and, even more importantly, a friend. When I was waiting for Loren to announce who it was, I thought, “I wonder if it’s Sharon Lawrence“? When her name was said, we were all in shock. Tears still fill my eyes thinking about it. Thank you to the Corporate Team for acknowledging Sharon in such an amazing and deserving way!  💖🏆🎉👏
  • Elizabeth Weber-Walliser Thank you for the most EFFECTIVE world conference to date. I soaked up every moment and loved and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  Congrats!
  • Don Martin It was an honor to be there sharing the vision  ❤️
  • Beth Black Thank you so much JR and team for delivering such a focused and effective conference! We are so ready to ‘do it again’ and help everyone who is ready to move forward! Thank you!! 🎯♥️
  • Mikayla Whited Thanks JR for pouring your heart and mind out for us!! We are forever grateful for you!
  • Donald Scruton So true JR and thank you for all that you do for us UnFranchise Business Owner. Love your passion and dedication.
  • Jennie James have always gotten a lot from Conventions, but from this one i finally got that I. CAN. DO. THIS. thank you, JR and the whole team, for never giving up on us!!!
  • Bernard Lafleur JR, you always make the Conventions so successful, all of your team also. Makes coming to the Conventions so worthwhile for us.
  • Karen Rochelle Woy We are blessed with you and Loren and the team leading the entrepreneurial people that were part of your bean jar❤️
  • Karen Chai The blessing is ours! So thankful to you & Loren who never give up the dream and helping others to succeed! 👏👏👏
  • Ann DeWitt Quigley Such an amazing convention. I think this was the best one yet! Thank you for reminding us to keep the main thing the main thing. The best product we have is the business plan! #laserfocused #2020vision @MAWV2020 ❤🔥
  • RaNae RA THANK YOU JR Ridinger 🚀 WE LOVE YOU & BELIEVE IN YOU! 🔥🔥🚀🚀 To #1 🙌🏽
    When you Know Who and What YOU work for, You will be Rich even though the way is Rough, but if you ever only work for Money 💰You will Never have enough! 
  • Carmen Ames JR & Loren, Thank you so very much for the Greatest Conference Ever! I am so excited to get home and build my team! I am on Elizabeth Weber-Walliser’s Team ALL IN! Feeling so incredibly blessed! Thank you again so very much for your love & commitment to all of us! Love you so much JR & Loren!😘❤️😘
  • Dorthea Williams Thank you for showing your hearts and sharing yourselves with us.
  • Jane Davison‎  Thank you for your continued inspiration. I believe this is truly the best Convention I have ever attended. #MAWC2020 has taken me back to my original vision of building this great business. I am seriously look at my why and who I am. Also when I get home, partnering with someone to move forward before #MAIC2020. I got my tickets and my room!! Love and prayers always. May God bless you.
  • Hey JR thanks for an AMAZING brain surgery!!!!! Here’s what I had to tell everyone about #MAWC2020!!
  • Maria Giangregorio ❤️❤️❤️ I love you so much thank you for pouring your heart out to us
  • Jennifer Wilson great convention. JR, you gave us a map and the irritation to get it done! Thank you!!!
  • Karen Chai So thankful that you & Loren never gave up your dreams so that we could have this amazing business opportunity working for us! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Lorie Swasing Rowles I agree! This was the best conference ever from start to finish and JR’s close was amazing! Thank you for all you do. Feel better soon!!
  • Phillip A Black Best. Close. Ever. Totally a great third day. Thanks for sharing even though you were under the weather.
  • Sharon Lawrence Thank you so much JR! There are no words to express my gratitude to you, Loren and the corporate team for selecting me to receive this incredible award. Every previous recipient has been my hero…a person of great honor and integrity who was absolutely committed to your mission and vision. I am so grateful to be blessed by this amazing business and the opportunity it affords to help others create health, time and financial freedom. Love you so much! 💖💝💝

Takeaways & Magic Moments:

  • Heather Worthington Do something everyday for your business whether it’s a plan showing, trial marketing, setting up a trial run or simply following up with a customer or prospect be accountable and watch your business grow.
  • Stacey Blaschka Pinski 1 call per day for trial marketing / product suggestion

    Use 3rd party credibility of others to grow the business

    2 evals / week
  • Sharon Robinson KISS. Simplicity works. Trial marketing and evaluation. So simple. Your help with accountability and a partner.
  • Jefferson Villa Biggest take away was to not over complicate the simples steps to hit director. Also I will response with strength rather than weakness ‼️.
  • Christopher Lewis So proud of ALL of you and what you continue to do for ALL of us around the 🌎
  • Sharon Robinson Marc’s segment on new products, Jamie Fox and corporate team, 10 new millionaires! Wow
  • Pete Wong Marc’s segment, Brett’s power profile..

On Jamie Foxx:

  • Bonnie Hamer It’s always great to have him, so much talent and fun
  • Heather Worthington JR you are right up there with him, a superstar, creating something as powerful as this business that has the potential to create so many superstars, it’s nothing short of amazing, what you and your team of serial entrepreneurs have done and continue to evolve into. No matter how big this thing gets your heart always remains in the right place. That’s unheard of in the “REAL” world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep growing and see ya at the top!
    #shoppingannuity #entrepreneurlife #MAWC2020
  • Jennifer Wilson Laughing at the idea of him playing you! I am sure he would do it well. Who will be Loren, J-Lo?
  • Beth Zerbe So love his visits to our conventions!

On Marc Ashley:

  • Linda Petty I’ve been looking for the best Collagen. I knew MA would do it! Thanks guys
  • Evelio Medina JR now All You need is for Marc and Denis to sit with Me again after 15+ years to bring Me in to Educate, Empower and Make a dent in the Hispanic Community.
  • Lisa Martin He’s the best. We all love and appreciate him so much 💯
  • Don Martin No doubt! He is simply great! Love working with him
  • Dorothy Bayford We love our Market America family !!!!!
    Awesome MAWC2020 !!
    See you in Greensboro as A new pin level 💥😊🇺🇲💪💪💪💪💪

On MAIC2020 Tickets:

On Loren Ridinger:

  • Lisa Grant Can’t wait to her it again when the replay comes out .. she was incredible!
  • Maria Giangregorio Totally agree I love her 🔥💞 we are all blessed !!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for you guys and your dream for Us ‘ forever grateful ‘ now for me to do it ‘ no more I cant’s
  • Erin McKee That brought tears 😭. It was like she knew my thoughts. Always inspiring!!! 🔥♥️👏

On the Executive Team:

  • Yvonne Jones The Fantastic Four! Thank you guys for all you do to help make this company the best entrepreneurial business out there!

On Layered, Loren & Amber:

  • Jennifer Wilson Beautiful. High quality look and feel. Thanks for another fabulous addition to our business!
  • Linda Petty There are so many companies selling jewelry. What I know about you Amber, Loren, and JR. it will be the most stunning, fun, and outstanding Jewelry we’ve ever seen!
  • Sharon Robinson Ladies bringing home the layered look. Can’t wait to share

On the Zoom Live Stream:

  • Janis Morris I cannot tell you how grateful I am that this is being streamed. I have missed that so much. My poor body just cannot take going to the major events, and I was so sad when I could no longer stream them to my large tv.
  • Lufi A. Matā’afa Luteru Aloha from Hawaiʻi! I LOVED yesterday’s livestream! 💗✊🏾💗Looking forward to Day 2!! 🎉🤩🎉Mahalo nui for the opportunity to watch!! I am so grateful! Have a wonderful day! JR Ridinger Loren Ridinger 💗✊🏾💗
  • Debi Hahn I’m watching JR! Thank you so very much! ❤
  • Lisa Grant That is so awesome .. thank you JR and Loren ❤️
  • Johnny Walker I’m on it JR – love you bro – Break it down for em’
  • Lufi A. Matā’afa Luteru Mahalo nui, JR Ridinger for the opportunity to watch MAWC 2020 livestream, I was up at 3:30am every morning here in Hawaiʻi! I learned so much and gained more confidence! Looking forward to being at MAIC in August! First time going to the Gala!! Please get well soon! We all love and appreciate you!! Aloha! 💗🥰✊🏾🥰💗

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