May 11th, 2018

Send Your Preferred Customers Coupons Directly from!

As a premier product brokerage firm, we pride ourselves on providing our UnFranchise Owners with one of the most dynamic and powerful business platforms the world has ever known. Our business empowers entrepreneurs and customers around the world, and when you combine the Shopping Annuity with SHOP.COM – it’s easy to see why we have one of the hottest shopping sites in the world. Successful UnFranchise Owners understand that by going above and beyond for our customers, we’re building brand loyalty through better relationships.

We understand the important role customers play in not only the growth of your UnFranchise Business, but also the success of SHOP.COM – that’s why we’re very excited to announce some new functionality for our coupon program for Market America products that makes it so easy for UnFranchise Owners to show their Preferred Customers just how much they mean to us!

Offering coupons to your Preferred Customers is a great way to help them save big on our world class products – and now you can share these coupons directly with your Preferred Customers right from your UnFranchise back office! These coupons are available in four different denominations: 10% OFF, 15% OFF, 20% OFF, and 25% OFF. It’s very important to note that these coupons will come directly out of your retail profit – just be cognizant of this when sending out your coupons to PCs. It’s also important to remember; you can send one coupon per customer for every 30 days.

In your UnFranchise Business account, select “My Customers” and then click “Coupon Admin and Marketing” to begin setting up and marketing your coupons. Once you set up your coupons in the Current Coupons tab, you can select customers, choose an email template, preview it and then hit send – all from the Coupon Marketing tab. The first coupon code available in your UnFranchise Business Account is “10OFFMA.” This will enable you to give a 10% discount off ALL Market America products on your websites. U.S., Canada, and Mexico UnFranchise Owners can find this under the ‘My Customers’ menu. All other countries will find the tool within the “Preferred Customers” menu.

As you can see in the examples below, we’ve designed some excellent email templates for you to utilize, so there’s really nothing you have to create on your part! Simply enter the information for your customers, select the amount, and send it out – it’s really that simple! Sharing coupons with your preferred customers can have a dynamic impact on the growth of your UnFranchise and will help your customers save big on the Market America products they love – so start sharing today!

As with all areas of business building, it is important to measure, monitor, adjust and control. Market America has added the ability to track the success of your campaigns with reporting. You can find these reports under the Coupon marketing History tab of the Coupon Admin and Marketing section.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

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  1. Mark says:

    Great functions, thx JR and your technical team

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