June 5th, 2019

SAMM Success: Within Reach for Everyone

Team, I’d like to take a moment to share with you an excellent update from an UnFranchise Owner who was part of one of our recent Founder’s Sessions on Utopia IV. MaryAnn Besterman’s message is crucial for everyone to hear because I think it encapsulates many of the initial fears some have had about reaching 300 IBV, and also shows how those fears are unfounded because SAMM success is truly within reach for everyone!

I hope MaryAnn’s message resonates with you and helps you realize that while you may have initial concerns about hitting 300 IBV, you’ll quickly discover if you do things the right way hitting 300 IBV is almost a no-brainer. I’ve included below MaryAnn’s great message, but you can also visit the UnFranchise Blog to read more inspirational stories from Shopping Annuity Master Members. This is what happens when you’re determined to succeed and believe in our proven system! 

I’ve also put together some great resources and examples to help everyone understand how easy it is to achieve success with our business and the SAMM program:

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

Powerful Message from MaryAnn Besterman:

Good morning JR,

I know when I was on the yacht and we were being trained by you, I told you I was petrified that I would not reach the SAMM. I was concerned about getting 300 IBV and then I said but I will do it. Well guess what – I now have 326 IBV I did hit the SAMM! Wanted to share with you as bullheaded as I am, I was going to have no way that I could not make it thanks for all your help. I am again a SAMM qualifier!!!

-MaryAnn Besterman

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