January 15th, 2020

Returning Partner Store: Chewy

Team we’ve got an important partner store update to share with you regarding an amazing partner store and the impact we can all have by wielding our collective buying power. Right now, a very popular partner store, Chewy, has returned as a partner store and are testing out the concept of rewarding IBV on their orders. When Chewy was a previous partner store last year, they we set up to only payout on your first order – but they’ve decided to test out this new payment structure which rewards 5% IBV on each order (no cashback). This will be in place until the end of February, at which point they will reevaluate the success of this endeavor. So that means we all have the chance to make an impact by wielding our collective buying power and help boost sales with Chewy.

Chewy is one of the top pet supply retailers in the world, and this represents a major windfall for people with pets who what to use those types of purchases to fuel their Shopping Annuity. This is another major area of spending that we can leverage, and buy purchasing from our partner store Chewy, you’ll also have an impact on our ability to continue this amazing partnership as well as attract new retailers into the fold. This is what collective buying power can create, but we all have to play a role to make this successful. Be sure to share this with your team and customers so everyone knows Chewy is not only back as a partner store, but they’re also now offering 5% IBV until at least the end of February! Let’s show the world what people power is all about!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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