Reminder to Use and Implement the NEW Market America Coupon Code Program

There are few better ways to entice buyers than by offering a discount. Discounts appeal universally to new and existing customers, and there’s no catch to taking advantage of them. Even better is a coupon code. Rather than just a promotional price, a coupon code feels like a “special” discount — available only to those lucky enough to know the code. Market America | SHOP.COM launched the coupon code program in June with great success, and it is available to all UnFranchise® Owners’ customers through their SHOP.COM and websites. Now SHOPBOX is automatically enabled for coupon redemption when selecting any of the sites available. It’s an easy-to-use, free and foolproof way to entice customers to buy from you, and it’s live now!

Please note that coupon codes set to expire on Sept. 2, 2014 have been reactivated to be usable indefinitely. If you choose to change this to have a specific end date, feel free to do so by logging into, then go to the Coupon Admin Tool within your UnFranchise Business Account. U.S., Canada and Mexico UnFranchise Owners can find this under the “My Customers” menu. All other countries will find the tool within the “Preferred Customers” menu.

Coupon codes are a no-pressure way to promote the fantastic products available on your SHOP.COM and websites. All you have to do is get the word out. Share the codes on social media, offer the code to a special customer, or entice a new customer with an exclusive introductory discount code offer — the choice is yours.

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