Protecting the UnFranchise Against Auction Rings

As many of you well know we’ve been working hard to resolve a compliance issue that’s been harming the UnFranchise and undermining what we do. Loren and the team have been steadfast in their efforts and we just wanted to give everyone a brief and honest update of exactly where we are with this situation. First of all, we cannot stress enough just how serious we take this type of thing – and we will always go above and beyond to ensure the integrity of our business while protecting the hopes and dreams of UnFranchise Owners around the world.

Loren recently had a live session on Facebook where she gave everyone a great update – and the response was overwhelmingly positive and really shows just how unified we are in our resolve and our common sense of purpose. With the help of our legal and compliance teams, Loren has spearheaded an incredible effort to bust major auctions rings where UFO’s were supplying product to sell on eBay and Amazon or TaoBoa. Of course, we actively watch for these types of things and have connected them to UFO’s who are failing to comply with the rules of the UnFranchise Business. As a result of their actions, there UFOs have been put under corrective action.

I am so proud of what Loren and the team have accomplished so far, as they’ve been able to remove the vast majority of our products that were being listed on sites like eBay, Amazon, and TaoBoa. We got the products taken down on TaoBao and their trademark copy right infringement using copies of our web pages, content, images graphics etc. in order to deceive and confuse people that they were dealing with MA even though they sold under cost.

We got many Isotonix and OPC-3 sellers, offers or stores taken down from these sites. We aren’t done and are making a few more auction ring bust per week. People are seeing the results and there was a lot of buzz on Facebook live during Loren’s session this week, which I’ve included below. One response that really stood out for me was from Emily Zadzilko Pennito which is representative of what is happening…

Thanks for the support, Emily – we are so glad you are seeing positive results from this corrective action initiative!!! Many high pins are being shut down, and the time for excuses has come and gone. Report anything you know confidentially or if you know who supplies sellers or any sellers that are also UFO’s, please let us know because this affects you too! Fight back! If you lost any customers and they have the receipts, order, packing slip, or email confirmation and can help identify where it came from we may be able to connect the dots and bust another auction and fraud ring. You can make a big difference! We are making progress and will get rid of this cancer one auction ring at a time because for us, this is all about protecting the hopes and dreams of UnFranchise Owners around the world!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger